3 great services to market your business!

Who doesn’t like marketing with social media to create an amazing local deal!  Creating a discount deal will send an instant rush of traffic to your business.   Generally, the best time to create a promotional offer is when foot traffic is slow; or when you’re looking to push out a certain product.  A business owner can easily come up with a deal, but the question is what services you are using to promote your deal.

There are several online services available but based on my past experience I highly recommend using these 3 services.

  • Groupon – This is a great service to use once in a while to help market your business. I wouldn’t recommend using this if you’re looking to generate profit.   Groupon, works best when you’re a new business looking to build awareness. You get the customer to visit your business establishment; but your ultimate goal is to turn them in to repeat customers.  If you’re looking to generate profit, Groupon is not a good service to use, since they take out a huge cut from your sales.  You actually lose money or break even using Groupon.  But is a great service to build repeat customers.


  • MailChimp – This is a cool service to promote a discount or promo code; or it can be used to mention your latest company news.  If you have a bunch of visitors that have subscribed to your newsletter, MailChimp will be the best service to reach out to them.  Mailchimp offers a seamless platform to reward your regular customers by engaging with them through email.  I personally believe that your regular customers are the most important ones to keep happy, and why not reward them with an awesome discount deal.  The best part about Mailchimp is that you can see who opens and closes your emails.  The analytic reporting on Mailchimp keeps you up to date with your subscribers.


  • ImWithBob – I have been using this service more often to engage with my customers. ImWithBob allows you to schedule a daily deal and have them posted instantly on all your social media networks.  This service makes small business marketing seamless for business owners.  You basically create a deal and schedule a start time.  Once a deal is active it will instantly post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; or whichever platform you decide to use.  It does not just post your deals on your social media pages it also creates a digital coupon on the ImWithBob app.  The mobile app allows customers to instantly find daily deals on the go.  Once a customer finds a daily deal they can present the voucher directly with the business owners.


I find these 3 services to be very beneficial for my business.  I’m not the type of person to stick to one service; I like to diversify myself by implementing different marketing strategize for my business.  This can be done by using all the necessary tools to engage with your customers.   So don’t limit yourself, instead you should grow your business by taking advantage of all these tools for marketing small business.