6 Top Tips for Painting the Outside of your House

Spring has sprung and everything looks different in the bright spring sun. Even the way your home exterior looks as changed. It might have looked fine during the winter greyness, but now you may feel the need to brighten it up a bit with a fresh makeover.


  1. Think about the Weather

The spring is one of the best times to repaint the exterior of your home. The excessive rain has passed and has now been replaced by the sunny and dry spring weather. We advise not painting the exterior of your home when the weather is too cold or wet. The problem is that it’s not good to painting direct sunlight either. Start painting the shady side first and move around the house as the sun passes through the sky. Stop a few hours before the sun sets to avoid dampness when painting.


  1. Preparation is Key

Much like painting the inside of a house, you need to cover things on the outside that may be damaged by the paint. Cover the ground by your home, any bushes, and other things that you feel need to be protected. Remember to prepare surfaces for Painting as well, as preparation is key when it comes to exterior painting. If there are wooden surfaces that are peeling, then you must sand them down to get a great finish. An obvious – but overlooked – piece of advice is to treat rotten wood before painting it. The most optimal scenario is when you have just moved to a new property with a moving and packing company who keep all your belonging safe in boxes while you make preparation inside and outside the property.


  1. You Get What You Pay For

Paint comes in a variety of colours, as well as a variety of qualities. Make sure that you buy the best quality paint that you can reasonably afford. This will save you money in the long term, as cheap paint doesn’t last very long and leaves you needing to repaint sooner. No matter what kind of paint you go with, make sure you read the label before painting before it gets covered in paint and becomes hard to read.


  1. Choosing the Right Paint

On top of choosing the right colour, you also have to choose the right kind of paint. You will need to use a primer no matter what kind of surface you are painting. The primer is the important first coat use during a painting project. The purpose of the primer is to make it easier for the top coat to adhere to the surface being painted. The final coat should be either a gloss or matte are a subtlety of one of these finishes. Gloss paints are more hardwearing as they are oil-based. When you are calculating how much paint to buy, remember that is best to have too much rather than too little and having to buy even more paint further down the line. No matter which kind of paint you use, make sure to properly seal the can of paint when finished with it.


  1. Safety First

Much like with other painting projects, it’s best to start at the top and work your way down when painting the outside of your house. Take all the necessary safety precautions and measures when using ladders. While you may be tempted to lean out to the side rather than going down the ladder and then moving it, then forget it is always much better to be safe rather than sorry.


Painting the exterior of your home on a regular basis is a key part of maintaining and preserving it. Not only will maintaining the appearance of your house proved to be a good investment when choosing to sell it down the line, it helps to maintain the standards of your neighbourhood, which ultimately benefits both you and your home.


  1. Hire a Professional

Smart Decoration iare the leading painters in Ras Al Khaimah who are professional and affordable. If you want to take out the stress of doing it yourself then paying a bit more is probably worth it. You are also assured of the job being done to a high standard with the use of quality paints and materials!