How Adnimation is Transforming How Publishers Earn Revenue

In the recent times, the number of online publishers has grown as the online space creates more revenue opportunities for industry players. Even though many publishers strive to create captivating content that users really love, many of them experience numerous challenges and disappointment when their content fails to attract good revenue.


Why Choose Adnimation?

Do you feel like you are working so hard yet earning so little? Adnimation can help as they will manage your entire ad inventory. This Israel-based website advertising firm with an extensive U.S. presence is doing a marvelous job relieving ad publishers the need to constantly keep an eye on rapidly changing technologies. The company’s aim is to enable publishers achieve more impressions. This translates into increased revenue by using unique and smart strategies that outweigh traditional static ads which in most cases are associated with less impressions and revenue.

Adnimation’s Creative Approach of Boosting Ad Revenue

Dealing with hundreds of ad networks, monetization and analytics tools can be overwhelming especially if you don’t understand how they work. The team of experts at Adnimation has come up with a creative programmatic technology that encompasses a human touch to ensure your ads bring you high revenue. Having understood the stress and frustration that publishers go through, Adnimation offers a practical solution that goes beyond what an ordinary Ad network does. Unlike Ad networks, this company brings in an expert human touch to ensure publishers are connected to the best demand sources. This means your ads are displayed to the appropriate audience which in turn, boosts user experience and ultimately increases your revenue. The team at Adnimation takes care of monetization through various techniques such as ad placement testing, direct sales and outreach.


Since the invention of the programmatic ad revenue program, there have been numerous success stories of how Adnimation has helped clients to experience a real turnaround in revenue. A comprehensive analysis carried out on over 425 content sites who hired Adnimation has revealed a 40% average increase of ad revenue in just 3 months. With these impressive results, many clients across the globe are increasingly becoming keen on this exciting monetizing service. The best part is you can maximize your revenue using minimum fees which makes the service cost effective.


Great Results Across a Variety of Niches

There is no doubt the company’s holistic approach which demands experience, expertise and dedication has contributed a great deal to the success of this service. Maor Davidovic, the Co-Founder of Adnimation agreed you can never rely on a single technology to deal with all challenges associated with ad sales. Instead, Adnimation Ltd promises their publishers 50% service and 50% technology. The human effort that involves their experts personally reaching out to an ad network or exchange makes all the difference.


It doesn’t matter which niche you are in; from food, sports, news, fashion, lifestyle and politics among others, publishers whose 70% of traffic happens to come from the U.S. market continue to enjoy traffic from millions of visitors. Irrespective of the size of the website and content niches, 100% of sampled websites posted higher ad revenues ranging between 28% and 84 %. Because of the company’s reputation as a personal Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), global internet giants and website owners have full trust in Adnimation’s performance capabilities. The major services offered by the company include; Programmatic Ad Sales, Website Monetization, Site Speed, Dynamic Ads, Direct Campaign Sales, Revenue Analytics, Revenue Safety, Header Bidding Technology and Video Monetization.