After acne

warts are the most natural dermatological complaint that most people have. At any one time, about 10% of people have wart, says Robert Garry, PhD, and about 25% will get some time in their lives. Warts are benign skin tumors that can occur alone or in packages on virtually any part of the body.

What can cause warts?

Warts are contagious and can spread to other parts of the human body, or transmitted to other family members or people who come into contact through you. For this reason, it is paramount to understand how to take warts naturally at the first sign. Young warts are usually even easier to remove. The older a wart is, the much more difficult and tedious this treatment becomes.

Warts also have the possibility of being withdrawn operationally by a medical surgeon or by the doctor in the hospital. Surgical removal of warts, however, is only necessary in more exceptional cases, and is particularly costly and causes a great deal of pain.
How to Eliminate Warts at Home?

Formic acid: Removing warts with formic acid was another method of therapy that dries the wart and only needs to be done weekly. The solution is especially easy to use and can be applied to warts on the hands, feet, elbows and knees. The solution instantly enters the wart, leaves no trace on the skin and is not visible. For example, socks or trousers which have the possibility to be inserted at the same instant after use.

Cryotherapy, a cold procedure in which the warts are frozen, can also be done at home. The even more common formation of ice products contain dimethyl ether or a blend of dimethyl ether and propane gas (DMEP), which ice the warts at a temperature of approx. – 55 ° C. The most common by-forming supplements contain dimethyl ether or a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane gas (DMEP). But now there is a new choice for cryotherapy in self-medication: nitrous oxide, 1 cold gas that freezes the wart at about -80 ° C.

Salicylic acid is applied day-to-day and causes wart detachment. If this treatment is effective, the wart should disappear within a maximum of three months.

This Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) was a corrosive solution which, similar to salicylic acid, eliminates the main layer of the wart. TCA is a much stronger acid than salicylic acid, and the appearance of the solution requires a lot of care. If it is not especially possible to eliminate the wart in its entirety, the wart have the possibility to form again at any time.

Monochloroacetic acid (AMCA) is a corrosive solution close to salicylic acid. AMCA is a more potent acid than salicylic acid, and in the application of the solution requires several precautions.

How to Remove Warts? Current Treatment Option (2018)

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