An outstanding artist

My friend Joseph, who lives in the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, is an outstanding artist. However he doesn’t like talking about his work; self-advertisement is anathema to him. If you are lucky, you may stumble upon his breathtaking paintings accidentally, Joseph is certainly not going to tell you about them. Joseph is on one hand frustrated that his art doesn’t sell, and on the other hand he is not willing to promote himself.

I have observed that this so true of all exceptional creators. People who have a creative streak – authors, entrepreneurs and artists need a helping hand in promoting their works.

Nalini Singh founded her blog to simply record the creative work she comes across and enjoys. In Zavesti, Nalin write about the books she has read, paintings she loves and the innovative products which she has come across.

Zavesti is also a platform which helps creative people through guest posts, author interviews and product reviews. I love discovering new things and writing about them.  Nalini says that, “Zavesti is my humble offering to the creative people in this world who need a helping hand so that they can continue creating and enrich our world with meaningful ideas & new things”.

Today, is  a vibrant team of art lovers, writers and children-at-heart.  Through Zavesti, Nalini  and her friends want  to “discover” art and artists and bring them for you to enjoy and be inspired with.


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