Are cheap websites worth the money?

Cheap websites are often seen as a quick and easy way to build an online presence for a small business. Often many businesses make the mistake of choosing a company which is too cheap. This often ends up with less than favourable results and sometimes can have a detrimental effect on the company. It’s always advised to consider the price in terms of how much time will be spent by the website design team. When you’re looking for cheap websites we would always advise researching which country the development is actually being made in. If you’re in the United Kingdom for example, spending less than £300 will likely only leave 5-8 hours of time designing and building the website. There’s then the project management to take into consideration. The risk is that when you’re looking for cheap websites to be built, you end up spending more money than you anticipated by getting it wrong the first time.

As a small business, having a website is very similar to having a shop front in many ways. It’s the first impression a visitor has to make of your brand, ethos and ultimately whether it’s a company that they would like to work with. After all, if you walked into a shop and saw boxes all over the place, the cashier’s till in the wrong place and the door wasn’t opening properly, would you trust them to do a good job for you? No. The same goes for your website – if it’s responsive, sleek and has no errors, then you’re likely going to build trust and have a higher chance of a sale. Are you going to get that looking for cheap websites? Possibly, but not too cheap.

In some industries, having a very professional looking website can actually have a detrimental effect on your business. Why? Because the customer may be put off thinking that you charge more than your competitors and may ask for a high fee. This is often the case for the service industry such as builders, plumbers, electricians etc who are usually tasked with small jobs and by having a really professional website, the customer would be put off by asking them to quote on a small job or call out. As such, these are typically the types of business who are better off choosing cheap websites because they won’t miss out on potentially smaller jobs from customers.