Are Professional Carpet Care Services Worth the Money

The right carpets can add so much beauty to a home. They can complement the decor, and provide a nice comfy spot for your feet to land on chilly San Antonio days. Over time, however, your carpet can start to look worn down and ragged, and it is important to get it spruced up. You can certainly do this yourself if you choose, but professional carpet care services may be your best option, despite the cost. We all want to save money, but is it worth it to save money if the results are not what you are looking for? Here are some reasons why hiring a professional for your carpet and upholstery cleaning is well worth the money.


Vacuuming Alone Won’t Cut It

You may vacuum every day and get into every nook and cranny. In fact, you might even vacuum every few hours, for that matter. No matter how often you vacuum, or how thorough you are, vacuuming your carpet is not good enough. Even if your carpet looks great, it may still be clinging to microscopic allergens, debris, bacteria, and other nasties that are contaminating your air. Carpet care services are needed to make sure that everything is picked up that your vacuum simply cannot get. Hot water extraction, more commonly known as steaming, is how the professionals get your carpet completely clean.


You Do Not Have Proper Carpet Care Services Equipment

You may have seen commercials, or even the unit for rent at your local grocery store. You may even know how to use it properly, even though most people do not. That does not mean that the steamer you buy or rent for your home is in any way appropriate for the type of carpet you have. They also do not provide the proper power to ensure complete carpet or upholstery cleaning. Professional carpet care services have the right equipment that is powerful enough to clean your carpets thoroughly. Professional technicians also know how to properly use the equipment so that your carpet is not damaged in the process.


Not All Carpets Are the Same

You may have a basic understanding of the different types of carpet, but a professional has a thorough understanding of how to clean each type that only comes with experience and training. They make their living by understanding these things, so you can bet that they will use the right equipment combined with the right chemical solution to get your carpet looking like new again. Some carpets react differently to different types of stain, and there are techniques for cleaning each situation. Your professional will understand this, and your carpet will be better off for it.



One of the best things about professional carpet care services is that they can go beyond simply cleaning your carpet. They can also apply protectants to guard your carpet against soil and stains in the future. They can do this after upholstery cleaning as well. These protectants will make your maintenance routine easier and also help you feel confident that your investment is protected. Getting a professional cleaning every year refreshes your carpet, and protects it from future problems.


Your carpet, like many things in your home, is an investment. You should want to protect any investment. Hiring professional carpet care services will give your carpet years of life. All of them looking and feeling great.