Are You Paying Too Much for Medical Waste Disposal Services?

If you are running a health facility that generates medical waste, then handling and disposing of that waste should be a priority at all times. Mishandling your hospital waste disposal can pose a threat to the safety of your clients, staff, and the public at-large. Not only that, but you can suffer a massive loss of reputation if your disposal practices allow waste to get into the environment. That is why using medical waste disposal services is so important. That said, how do you know if you are paying the right price for the services you are getting?


There are several factors that can come into play when gauging the cost of medical waste disposal services. Here is a handy guide that can help you know how much you should be paying.



Every state has its own laws and regulations for the length of time that medical waste can be stored at a facility before disposal. That means that your cost may depend on where your facility is located and what type of pickup schedule you needed. Some states require that disposal has to happen within a certain time frame, whether your receptacles are full or not. The actual physical location will play a part as well. If your facility is out in a rural area, then it may cost more for pickup than if your location was central to other facilities needing hospital waste disposal nearby.


Amount of Waste and Pickup Frequency

If your medical waste disposal services provider is coming for pickups when your receptacles are not full, then you are probably getting overcharged. If you do not need a pickup, then your service does not need to come, unless it is mandated by local or state regulations. If you feel that your service provider is coming to often, then renegotiate the terms with them.


Type of Waste

Some health care facilities only deal with certain types of waste. For example, they may only handle biohazardous waste and sharps. Other facilities may need medical waste disposal services for pharmaceutical waste. The more types of waste your facility handles, the more expensive it could be. Waste categories can be treated differently prior to disposal. That means if your provider does not own and operate their own autoclave, a steam sterilization chamber, there may need to be trips to a separate location before disposal is even an option.


Safety and Training

Depending on your hospital waste disposal needs, or if you simply want the service, your medical waste disposal services provider could offer your staff special training. This training could cover many different facets of medical waste disposal. They could provide guidance regarding compliance with OSHA regulations, for example. You may also want to provide staff with training on handling dangerous material in the safest way possible, so that the chances of an accident are lessened even further. There is a cost to this peace of mind, however. It may be worth it to make sure your staff and the community in general are kept safe.


As you can see, there are many factors that play into how much you pay for medical waste disposal services. Look at your next invoice to see if your facility is paying an appropriate amount for the services that you are receiving.