Attorney’s Legal Assistant

I can not count the amount of occasions I have been the brunt of the client’s anger or irritation simply to hear that very same client interact completely professionally for the attorney only one minute later. We know that it is possible dealing with probably the most demanding and traumatic periods of the existence however, it does not provide you with license to deal with us poorly along the way.

If we are mistreated, we always inform our attorney about this. Generally, the lawyer will note poor people treatment and demand on exclusively getting together with you later on. If you do not think this is a “punishment”, then It is best to read the variations involving the attorney’s hourly rate as well as their legal assistant’s hourly rate. I have also observed attorneys firing clients over an interaction which was considered particularly heinous. Assumably, should you did not want the lawyer to stay your attorney then you’d have fired him instead of the other way round.

Legal assistants have lengthy recollections and much more capacity to influence your situation than you might provide us with credit for. A couple of from the tasks we routinely handle inside a client’s situation are:

Keeping a situation organized and moving along

Supplying the customer with updates on their own situation

Drafting most of the pleadings and related correspondence

Filing documents to the court

Disseminating details about the situation to individuals who have to know

While nearly all legal assistants will not allow an adverse interaction having a client to honestly affect any future focus on their situation, it’s not unusual for all of us to place “difficult” clients’ matters at the end in our to-do lists.

The Takeaway: Before you decide to launch into a panic attack in your attorney’s paralegal, you need to consider first how important the above mentioned jobs are for you. To put it simply: You Need To Be NICE.

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