Attract the Best Candidates with These Techniques from Employment Services

A temporary employment agency can help with every step of the hiring process. That means recruiting, screening, interviewing, and every stop in between. Employment services can be an extremely valuable way for a San Antonio business to stay productive even when they are going through a staffing shortage. An agency can help your business find the best talent in a crowded hiring marketplace all while you are focusing on the day to day running of the business. Here’s how you can get the most out of working with a temporary employment agency.


Check Them Out

You may already do a background check for people who you hire, so why not do one for any agency you are looking to use? Ask around and find out if the agency you are considering has any experience placing candidates at businesses in your industry. If they only place administrative jobs and you are in the construction field, then perhaps it is not the right fit, for example. You can ask the agency for any reports or testimonials to see if they have strong customer satisfaction. Good old-fashioned word of mouth is also a reliable way to get in touch with a good temporary employment agency.


Be Clear About Your Requirements

An agency only knows as much about your business and workplace as you tell them. Be very clear about what you are looking for in a candidate. Also, be clear about the position you are looking to fill. Employment services are most beneficial when the recruiter has a very good idea of what you want.


Provide a List of Potential Interview Questions

Every business is unique, and every business has a different hiring process. Using employment services should not mean that your business must abandon your processes. Provide the temporary employment agency with a list of interview questions. That way you can be certain that they have looked for the right things and asked the questions you want asked. The agency can use those questions, along with your screening guidelines, to find the right candidates for your business.


Set Standards

Sometimes a hiring process won’t lead to the “perfect” candidate. However, you can provide a set of standards for candidates to meet. That way, even if they do not meet some criteria, the agency will know what other skills to look for and to prioritize. Are there certain soft skills you value? Maybe there is a task in the office that no one is already trained for.  That way, the agency can make better decisions on who to send your way, and your business will be all the better for it.



It’s one thing to outsource a task. It is quite another to collaborate to get the best outcome. Using a temporary employment agency means that you want to keep your business running at peak efficiency at all times. Do not simply wash your hands of the hiring process once an agency has been hired and let their employment services do all the work. Communicate with the agency and provide them with guidance and feedback throughout the process. The more information and input you give, the better your candidates will be. Also, they can also share valuable advice and guidance to you to help make the right choices.


Using employment services for your next vacancy does not have to be a hands-off process. Find the right agency and work with them throughout the process to get the best candidate possible.