Awesome Shots Without an Expensive Camera

CHALLENGE A Professional photographer

Ever attempted giving exactly the same camera to some professional and “casual” professional photographer? You’ll be surprised using the results, and just how different the photos seem like at the disposal of an expert.

If you’re thinking “good camera along with a professional equals good photos”, well no. This is when I shall break the parable that anybody by having an costly camera is a great professional photographer.

You see, it is by pointing out professional photographer, rather than an excessive amount of concerning the gear. A great professional photographer examines things in different ways, and that’s what we call the “photographer’s eye”. Once you understand to determine stuff that way, your photos should never be exactly the same.


How awesome could it be to understand “the secrets” of taking good photos? Which, is actually fairly simple to obtain began… you don’t need an costly camera either. You just need a great eye, and planning the shot before you take the photo.

Allow me to get began with something known as “snapshot” and “composed shot”. Many people will causally take out their camera, and merely have a photo of the items they see. Good photographers don’t merely do this. They plan and style the photo before they take a photo – a “composed shot”.

You, oh my gosh readers, if you wish to take better photos, you need to learn how to create your photo prior to going trigger happy. Don’t be concerned, it isn’t brain surgery. In the very fundamental, you need to learn to look for 3 fundamental things – colors, lines and shapes.


Because the beginning of your time, we all can agree with one factor. We humans are drawn to colorful things, so we react differently to colours. I shall not go deep into study regarding colors here, that will finish in a tearfully lengthy and boring bible of colours.

I shall provide a couple of tips about how to use colors rather:

Avoid overwhelming dull colors… just like a gray sky and gray city, or murky waters with gray sky.

Some clashing colors could be beautiful, for instance, an orange sunset with blue ocean.

Add a small amount of red inside a ocean of blue, or the other way around. Place a sunflower against a gray sky, just one red apple inside a ocean of eco-friendly apples… you catch the drift.

A a little colors could be untidy, but additionally be sometimes interesting. For instance, different colored balloons in mid-air.


Where would be the lines inside a photograph? Look carefully and you’ll notice.

A tree or tall building within the photo creates vertical lines.

A horizontal line inside a photo of sunset on the beach.

Roads can reduce over the photo frame, creating diagonal lines.

Photographers have fun with wrinkles in clever ways.

Vertical lines have a tendency to cut the frame. Image a photograph having a box filled with red apples around the left, along with a box filled with eco-friendly peppers around the right.

Lines of horizontal type would be the easiest to make use of – look at the good sunset photos around the globe… but note where installed the horizon. It’s mainly in the centre or 1/3 in to the frame.

Diagonal lines have a tendency to lead your vision. For instance, roads can lead to a fascinating Ferris wheel.


Shapes are terribly much like lines. Insert them in the best places, and also you have an awesome photo.

Squares and rectangles helps make the photo look “stable” and “restful”. Well, you are able to consider a sunset horizon photo as two big rectangles… Using the sun like a circle somewhere within the top rectangle.

Circles are awe-inspiring inside a photo, especially big ones. Yep, for instance, the sunset.

Triangles almost have a similar effect being an arrow. “The appearance here” effect, I refer to it as. They may be tricky and fun though, you can test placing a couple of cucumbers together to suggest in a blueberry or something like that…

PRACTICE And Exercise

Here comes the finish of my short guide. It might not be easy initially, however the more you practice these inside your photos, the simpler it might be. So venture out, have a great time and try taking some epic photos.