Baby Gifts

The gift of giving poses many challenges. One would suppose the act of giving in itself is a kind gesture, therefore anything goes; oh how wrong they are! Today we are to explore baby gift options to prevent any of those awkward moments where a peer receives a gift and doesn’t know whether it is merely a joke!

Let’s go over the Do’s of baby gifts shall we.

Show your friend you are thinking of them by sending a bountiful basket of baby gifts. Baby gifts are easy to come around but hard to decide on. Much thought has to go into a baby gift as you must ensure it is child friendly, child safe, and a suitable present for that baby. Baby gifts, such as clothing and plush toys, are best to get in a gender neutral tone if you are unaware off the babies gender. If you are aware of a baby’s gender it is still sometimes best not assume a prominent gender associated colour and to go with a simple yellow. Confusion with baby gifts arise as questions come about on whether or not to get the parents of the baby a gift. A lot of times a baby gift, such as a plush toy, is in itself a present to the new parents as it occupies the new born baby for a few, or many minutes allowing exhausted parents to take a breather momentarily.

Baby gifts usually include baby sized objects that look next to bare in a gift box. Suggestions to liven up the baby gift are to create a baby basket of the essentials. Plush blankets, embroidered baby sleepers, baby-sized shoes and stuffed animals can be bought all together for the price of buying just one expensive item. This is a baby gift basket that will surely exceed all expectations. Rather than buying one overly priced baby gift, aim for 4 reasonably priced baby items and place them all in a gift basket that is neatly tied to perfection with a customized ribbon; customize the ribbon with the baby’s name, or with a simple phrase such as, Welcome Home! Another suggestion is to make that gift basket one step more appealing and thoughtful by having one of the purchased items, such as a hamper, used as the actual basket containing all of the other baby gifts.

Baby gift baskets are also great items as they hold their shape extremely well, and can be placed upon the doorstep for when that little bundle of joy arrives. Baby gifts can always be dressed up depending on the scenario. The birth of a new born may leave the other kids in the family feel as though they are lacking the same attention, which would require dressing up a basket to cater to toddlers and not just the new born. Toddler items can include items such as race cars, Dora sets, colouring books and more!

Follow the Do’s of baby gifts to have jaws dropping, smiles ear to ear, and more importantly, give a child and new parents something they will never forget! Visit a Nutcracker Sweet Store today!