The Benefits of Using An Employment Staffing Agency to Outsource Your Workforce

Good managers and human resources professionals know that running a successful business starts with having the right people on the payroll. Recruiting and vetting potential new  hires and ultimately making the right decision is what can make or break a business. The staff is the heartbeat and backbone of any company. Plus, having good employees is great for morale and retention, and, in turn, such an atmosphere will attract talent when you hire again. However, going through an appropriately thorough talent search can take precious time, and if you need help in a hurry, it probably makes a lot of sense to use an employment staffing agency to help you out. Here are some benefits of outsourcing your workforce hiring to a placement agency.


It Can Save Time

As mentioned, it takes time to find the right employees. You need to have someone put out an advertisement for a position. Then you need to read through all of the resumes and applications that come through. After that, there’s the inevitable cutting down of prospects, and narrowing things down to those who will get an interview. Then there are the actual interviews. This is a lot of work. However, an employment staffing agency can do all of that work for you, and present you with suitable candidates while leaving you or your hiring manager with more time to focus on other things.


Qualified Candidates Brought To Your Door

Whether you are looking for a temporary placement, or a direct hire, a placement agency has candidates who are qualified and ready to work. An agency is always on the lookout for talent, and they build up a portfolio of people who have skills in certain areas. Once they know what your needs are, they can produce a candidate, or several, that meets your needs. They can get specific, as well. If you need a certain professional or someone with a designation, but only for a short while, an employment staffing agency will find that person for you.


If Can Save You Money

Believe it or not, spending money on outsourcing your hiring can actually save you money. You’ll almost certainly save on staff time, for starters. Plus, often a candidate from an employment staffing agency may already have special training or certifications that you won’t have to pay for. Having a candidate who’s well known to the agency means they will be better vetted than you can do with an interview or two. That means there’s less of a likelihood that they end up getting fired and you have to start the process again.


Legal Protection

There are laws and regulations that surround the process of hiring staff. With a placement agency, you can be assured that they are knowledgeable and well-versed on all current laws, which are being updated and changed on a regular basis. For hiring managers or people who aren’t full-time recruiters, keeping on top of these changes can be extremely challenging. Using an agency will help you mitigate any legal risks that come with hiring staff.


No matter what your staffing needs are, from a direct hire to a temporary or seasonal worker, a placement agency will work to get the best candidates to you. Being strapped for time is no longer a valid reason not to hire a great staff to help you succeed.