The Best Running Headphones

When you love indoor activities like camping, jogging around the neighborhood, running to the hills, doing your gym 3 or 5 times a week or just hitting the road every now and then, you must also love music so try these running headphones. It’s just one way to get you going. But is there anything that you can carry anywhere you go and keep you motivated to do all this stuff?

The Sonxtronix XDR- 8000 Look

Just like you, I love indoors and running is just one of my daily routine. It’s something that keeps me fit and healthy. I used to carry a headphone as big as those you’d see people in the late 90s used. It is okay except that it was very uncomfortable to use. It was always a hassle to use a headset.   But I don’t think I can do my work out without my favorite heart-pounding soundtrack. So, I did try to look for something that would suit my régime. Finally, I found the best running headphone. It’s the Sonxtronix xdr-8000. It’s kinda like a traditional headphone- like a headband- only that it fits the way I wanted it to be and that it has a fashionable-looking receivers.  Sonxtronix XDR- 8000 is designed specifically to suit anyone who loves to go to the gym, loves sports and hiking trails. It’s lightweight, very simple, smooth and very comfortable to use even when you’re jogging and running.

Honestly, I think having a pair of quality, best running headphones is a very good investment. Although I don’t think $24 is that costly, I’d say, it’s still an investment because, you can always buy cheap headsets with very low quality anywhere.  But, you don’t really want to start your morning with rage just because you don’t have a decent running headphone. And, you really don’t wanna go hiking without a suitable headset to motivate you walk up another mile, do you? Music is part of everyday life.  It moves us, so when choosing your running headphone, choose high quality sports or running headphone that will give you good quality sound. I find Sonxtronix XDR- 8000 to be the best when it comes to weight, sound (no static), quality and value for your money.


Sontronix XDR- 8000 Descriptions

The good thing about this Sonxtronix XDR- 8000 is that it’s lightweight- only 0.5 oz. and with dimension 53x 5 x 5.5 inches. You can even leave it around your neck and still hear the music playing. And with its trendy looking inside-the-ear headphones, your friends at work will never know what you’re playing! Yup! You can use it at work and even when you’re playing games at home.

Finally after using different uncomfortable headsets for years, Sontronix came up with one that is perfect to use on your gym visits and any other outdoor fun activities. Sonxtronix XDR- 8000 sport and running headphone comes with ultra-comfort vertical design, high performance speaker drivers, excellent sound and with polished surface sweat resistant feature that is suitable both for men and women with age 7 and beyond. And if you don’t feel like wearing black headband, this Sonxtronix XDR- 8000 comes in white, grey and silver colors…so choose which one describes your personality!

Sonxtronix XDR- 8000 is about comfort and performance, but it’s all that important. So, go ahead and start playing those thumping hip-hop banger or those high-energy hard rock guitar jams that’ll help you achieve your fitness goals!