Best Satellite TV Provider

As we all know, satellite TV is much better compared to standard TV.  It’s America’s nationwide provider so order DIRECTV. So the question is, what is the best satellite TV provider? No doubt, TV is our main entertainment at home, even at work and in any businesses, satellite TV provides us the entertainment we need daily. It’s just essential to seek which provider can offer phenomenal service.

Choosing to order DIRECTV satellite service means you’ll receive a free satellite system that includes the following:

  • Satellite dish
  • Genie DVR receiver
  • Genie Mini receivers
  • Free installation

You will also have 6 different plans to choose from ranging from $50.00 to $125 a month. All local channels are already included on all 6 satellite TV programs. Depending on the program package you choose, you’ll receive 145 to 315 channels.

In case you’re wondering why DIRECTV beats cable and dish satellite, well, it’s about DIRECTV overall service. But it definitely has to do with the Genie DVR. It’s actually that one thing that will give you the incredible service.


The Phenomenal feature of DIRECTV Genie DVR

  • DIRECTV’s storage

It can record a maximum of 1,000 hours of standard programming. That’s about 250 hours of HD! Come to think of it!

  • Record Option

If you are a busy person, you can also use the record feature and record 5 shows at a time, so you can watch whatever shows you want anytime. You can also watch TV while recording a maximum of 4 TV shows. Another thing is that it allows you to watch your TV shows that was aired no more than 72 hours!

  • Play, Pause, Rewind and Multiple Fast-Forwarding Speed

The good thing about genie DVR is that it also allows you to play, pause and rewind whatever live shows you’re watching. You can even skip past advertisements if you want.

  • Best Streaming Device

You will get access to over 10,000 streaming movies.

  • Hassle-Free using only One DVR

If you’re that person who is always on the go, you can choose to watch your favorite TV shows on your mobile device.  The Genie DVR also provides an HD DVR service using only one DVR. You can use this in every room you have at home. No hassle.

But what makes DIRECTV the best satellite provider?

There has got to be something that makes DirecTV the best satellite TV provider in the US for many years now.

DIRECTV is well known for offering NFL Sunday ticket that allows you to watch all the NFL football games. But what makes DIRECTV very popular and convenient to use is the use of Genie DVR service that lets you watch anywhere by using one single DVR.

DIRECTV offers 6 affordable satellite TV bundles which include 2 year price lock agreement for only $50.00 where you’ll get to enjoy 145 plus digital channels, monthly equipment fees for 2 rooms and an  HD DVR monthly service fees. No hidden charges!

If you’re looking for a phenomenal service, best satellite TV provider and the latest satellite broadcasting, you must be searching for DIRECTV. From satellite TV equipment, DVR receivers, great packages, local and international channels, sports program packages, Pay Per View, 24 hour installation to customer service and payment, DIRECTV is the best.