How to Bring Retro Games Back into Your House Hold?

I want to cast you minds back to the era of retro games and how that feeling of classical gaming used to be. If you’re looking to bring back retro games into your home then this just might be worth your time.

Retro games are becoming more and more of a constant obsession to the modern-day gamer because of simplicity and the style of gaming we were once used to, who can remember the likes of Pac-Man where we there used to be a genuine fear of being caught by them ghosts? Not enough to give you nightmares but enough to feel as if it was your own animated self behind the glass/plastic screen running for your life.

Now let’s cut to the chase, the big question is how can the modern-day gamer get that retro feel back in their lives with a bang? Maybe a video gaming machine is what you want but here on the British shores how do you know where to find new or used classic arcade machines for sale uk. There are many forms of consoles on the market that allow you to do just this, old or new! Here were going to discuss the options available to get these old gems back in the picture.

Arcade Games & Machines

If you’re a determined soul and really want to bring retro back in style then an arcade machine is the direction you want to be looking at, what happened to the days when people were more social and would go out there way to visit their local arcade on a daily basis with whatever lose change they could find?

Looking to bring some of that back into you life then a multigame arcade machine just might be right up your street, with over 60 of the best arcade games in history such as Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Galaxian and more already pre-installed this is almost guaranteed to keep you glued to the screen for hours on end..

This is a very good piece of kit to entertain all family members as it offers 1 or 2 player modes which provide temptation to spark some serious sibling rivalry, not to mention tension between Mum, and Dad. If you were looking to step up your arcade games into the 2017 household to facilitate all family members then this would be a very strong option to consider. Explore through as you descend into a whole new level of classical gaming.

Keeping Things Cheap with a Sega Megadrive Console

Maybe you’re not so much a hardcore arcade games geek but just want to awaken your inner child from memories of playing legendary games like Sonic The Hedgehog? Don’t worry, you don’t have to go off and spend a grand, you can simply pop down to your nearest Argos store and purchase the Sega Megadrive for £49.99. Although this may not be as fancy as multigame arcade machine it works off the exactly same principle with 80 built in games for you to enjoy.

Unlike the old Sega console, you don’t have to have a delegated draw to stock all your cartridges, this beast has all games pre-installed which is a godsend for parents with younger children breaking or simply misplacing cartridges all over the house, which can become quite expensive if you’re having to replace their favourite game each week.




PlayStation Remastered

By now you should be aware of the likes of PlayStation and Xbox as they are both the heavyweights in the game console world. PlayStation is more for the players that enjoy single player gaming whether that’s online or the game mode itself, as opposed to your standard Xbox user that tends to enjoy playing with other Xbox users online.

PlayStation seems to be recognising the hunger for retro games from its fan base as they are starting to bring  back some of the retro bad boys back like Crash Bandicoot & Rayman, recently releasing Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on PS4 June 2017. This is great news if you’re looking to bring back that childhood buzz and get back on board with the PS1 games that we very nearly forgot about.

Remastered games are very much the way forward in the PlayStation department, Sony seem to be very much on the consumer side by understanding the hunger for the comeback of retro games in the modern-day household, as these were the base model we still love and enjoy that has fuelled most of today’s new creations.

2nd Hand Consoles

Buying older consoles are a very good way of introducing your favourite retro games back into your life, not to mention being great value for money as you can pick up a very nice PS2 model on eBay for around the £40.00 mark.

PS2 was unfortunately the last of its era as you were able to play the most part of PS1 games on your PS2 meaning your cherished PS1 games didn’t go to waste. This was very much an underappreciated loop hole we would love to have back in modern day PlayStation console models.

PS1 truly had some beauties, who remembers the likes of The Italian Job where you would flee from police in an original Mini Cooper, not to mention our favourite purple dragon Spyro where you would spend the best part of a day gliding around headbutting evil characters into a dazed abyss.

Retro Games for The Younger Generation   

PS2 is a retro masterclass of the gaming world and would make the perfect gift for younger children for their starter console. For a start, a PS2 is less than quarter of the price of a brand new PS4 console on today’s market. The build quality in older consoles was much stronger meaning the average life span of the console itself increases, this means the kids have a fully functioning console for longer and you don’t have to fork out more money to replace it in a shorter time period.

The absolute knockout punch when buying a second-hand console such as a PS2 for the kids is no software or firmware updates what so ever! so wave bye bye to worrying about your kids messing the console up because its near enough impossible to do so. There is no online experience on PlayStation’s older models so there will be no sleep lost in worrying about your kid’s safety, they will be completely unreachable to the online world of gaming! Buying a PlayStation 2 is hitting two birds with one stone because not only are you able to enjoy your retro games collection, you also have the ability to use your console as a DVD player to watch whatever takes your fancy.

If you were looking for a cheap option to bring retro back into your life whether it be for yourself, kids or even both parties then PlayStation’s iconic PS2 would be your best bet, games & controllers are cheap, loads of family games like Buzz (various options) & Guitar Hero (various options) that are sure to cause some serious family feuds when Dad doesn’t win and comes last.

Well there you have it, just a few quick and easy options to bring the days of retro games back! You don’t always have to go out and spend a small fortune when you have so many options to take into consideration. If anyone has any further ideas to bring classic games back into the house hold then fire away, we would love to hear from you, let’s build our retro games army!