Calls To India For A Great Low Rate. is the new name for TelCan and Dial91 as they have now combined and unleashed effective and low cost calling services to India, the US and Canada for the over 2 million Indian immigrants as well as the thousands of annual travellers. On average several thousands of American travel to India for festivals such as Kumb Mella while thousands roe Indians travel to the US annually for education and to visit family and friends. This large network of travellers are primarily dependent on the cost-effective calling services by has cutting edge international voice & communications technology needed to keep thousands of Americans and Indians connected through their calling service. Some of these advanced tech calling tools include local number access, access via skype, one touch dialling, VoIP, and toll free access. The process is straightforward. You simply purchase the calling card online on the website, or in any one of the many vendors, open an account and you get connected.

My line offers both pre-paid India calling cards for Indian immigrants as well as premium calling cards to India. Established in 1991, MyLine provides the best quality VoIP services in which you can call either through the landline or the mobile phone. The firm explores the latest technology and calling service provision in the International Calling Card Market to structure, low cost, high quality calling service between the US, Canada and India. The TelCan arm also offers calling cards for both PIN no PIN required facilities.

MyLine ensures that you can use their line on your Windows phone, Android as well as iPhones. You can even use the Magic Jack to connect to MyLine. Besides that MyLine has the best mobile VOIP calling app for your device and can work for both Andoid and iOS platform. Setting up your account on the app is also very easy and straightforward. Besides that you get seamless call processing technology such as multiple carrier routes.

The team maintains a 24/7 live support customer service staff in India and the US to cater your problems. There is also live support available via call or email, web chat, and phone. The lines stay active for at least 180 days which helps minimize discarding of lines when they hit their short expiration dates. If you are travelling to India or have family down there then use MyLine virtual calling cards to ease your travel and communication.