Can you get a Flat Stomach with Coolsculpting?

If you were granted a wish to change any part of your body what would it be?  For most people the answer would be abs.  Everyone wants a flat stomach. Yet for whatever reason it’s one of the most difficult body goals to attain. It seems that flab likes to permanently dwell in our midsections. Even if your diet is fairly good, and you exercise it seems like that last little bit of fat is hanging on for dear life. Not to fret though, there is a solution. With the help of a procedure known as coolsculpting, you’ll be giving that excess fat an eviction notice in no time.


Does fat removal without surgery sound too good to be true? Well, no need to wake-up because you aren’t dreaming. That’s exactly what coolsculpting does. It’s a procedure that can achieve belly fat removal (as well as fat removal from other parts of the body) by using controlled freezing to eliminate fat from stubborn areas.


Here are some frequently asked questions that may help explain things further.


Can anyone get the coolsculpting procedure done?

The answer is no. The procedure is best suited for those who are trying to eliminate those last stubborn 15-20 pounds. If you have 30+ pounds to lose, coolsculpting is not the right avenue for you. At least not right away. You’ll need to work to get the additional weight off before tackling the last bit.


Is the procedure just for women?

No, men or women can have this procedure done. Gender isn’t a factor. What’s important is that the treatment isn’t seen as a magic bullet. It’s ideal for those who have been diligently trying to lose the unwanted pounds with diet and exercise and have yet to succeed. It is not for those who are sedentary and are looking for the easy way out. The procedure is meant to enhance the already hard work you are putting in.


How many treatments does it take to get results?

Every case is different. That’s why a consultation is so important. By meeting with a professional, they’ll be able to establish the best course of treatment for you. It will depend on factors such as your current health, diet, activity level, history, other medical conditions, etc. The good news though is that most people see good results after just one session, and even more significant results after two sessions. So, either way it won’t be long until you’ve achieved your desired results.


How much fat can you expect to lose?

Again, every case is different so there is no specific answer. However, on average the treatment has been known to eliminate up to 20% of fat cells. Pretty significant considering it’s an outpatient procedure that involves no surgery. Basically you can have the procedure done in the morning and return to normal life that same day. Obviously you’d want to avoid anything strenuous, but you can resume normal activity within reason.


If you’re in San Antonio and you lead a healthy lifestyle but need that extra little push, then coolsculpting might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. After all, who isn’t interested in fat removal without surgery, especially when it is belly fat? So, don’t delay. Get yourself a consultation today. You’ve got nothing to lose, other than a few unwanted stubborn pounds.