Can taking Micardis with antipsychotic medicines be harmful or fatal?

There are several precautions for Micardis for patients who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure need to take note of. Generally, these precautions are regarding the initial dose taken and when taking certain specific foods or drugs. As with all other medicines, Micardis has plenty of potential side effects on its own and when interacting with other medications or foods, the side effect profiles may be worsening, additive or simply reduced in efficacy.

Foods that should be taken with precautions include high-potassium foods like banana and spinach as Micardis and with these types of food may cause high potassium in the blood circulation. This may be fatal if prolonged and remain high in the body as it can disturb the electrical activity of the heart and nerves.

What about anti-psychotic drugs?

Anti-psychotic medications work in the brain but also exhibit some of its side effects outside the brain particularly of the eyes, mouth, heart, and bladder. Anti-psychotic medications such as Risperidone, Olanzapine and Clozapine are some of the common ones that are being prescribed with the latter need extra evaluation before it can be prescribed. Some of the common antipsychotic side effects are dry mouth, blurring of vision, urinary and faecal retention dan orthostatic hypotension (a drop of blood pressure when standing up).

The interaction between Micardis and antipsychotic may potentiate the effect on the heart and blood vessels. Patients on these drug combinations may experience a worsening symptom of postural hypotension that may manifest as lightheadedness, dizziness and fast heartbeat. A more severe symptom of postural hypotension may result in patients to fall or blackout. Patients should discuss and consult their doctor if the symptoms stated above persist for a long period and affecting their quality of life. 

As mentioned earlier regarding the effects of Micardis and antipsychotic medications, the user should be advised not to do any hard or labour-focus job like handling machines or driving. This is due to the hypotension effects of these drugs which can impair concentration and alertness.

To help counter the additive side effects of antipsychotics on Micardis, a few precautionary steps should be taken by the users such as waking up slowly from the bed, avoid driving or walking if feeling dizzy, drink enough water and avoid caffeinated drinks. Patients can also discuss with their physician about the suitable starting dose of either medication so that they can adjust them slowly and accordingly.

Dry mouth due to the consumption of antipsychotic medication may hinder the user to take other medication such as Micardis which will be harmful if not taken regularly. Blood pressure is a silent illness and the result of not taking the medication can lead to a serious complication in the future. The psychotic state of the patient together with the side effects of its medication can further demotivate the patient to not taking other drugs if not told or advised. This is not necessarily a direct interaction between antipsychotic drugs with Micardis but a consideration that needs to be put by the physician who prescribes Micardis or antipsychotic tablets.

Besides the possible side effects due to the interaction between Micardis and antipsychotic drugs above, some patients may develop other reactions like allergic reactions or even heart attacks. If patients develop other symptoms after taking the medications, they should consult immediately their doctor to prevent further harm.

In, summary precautions for Micardis are not just limited to interactions with antipsychotic drugs but also with other medications as well. Please read the labels and consult your physician before starting on any medications if you are on Micardis.