Car Leasing in Canada is now easier than ever

LeaseCosts Canada ( is the new way Canadians every day find the new car they are looking for. The site was launched late on 2016 and has rapidly gained the attention of the market. Check out this great website for a New Car Canada.


“Seeing all the options on the same place is simply amazing. I used to spend weeks going across a lot of dealers or hitting my head against tables trying to get the best option for convincing my wife, to later know there were better options after getting into a lease (…)” says Julien, a 40 years old guy from Quebec and originally from Vancouver.


The case of Julien isn’t an exception. Usually when looking for a car, desperation takes part of the decision and usually, although it ends up with a new car at home, the choice is the part where LeaseCosts jumps in.


With a very simple idea in mind, LeaseCosts fetches all prices from all manufacturers based on the country and allow clients to look for a car based on a specific price range, always suggesting to go for cheaper options while showing the ones originally matching the current criteria. When you explore this way, you can realize how you can afford an SUV for 5 years at the same rate and sometimes lower, than what you get for a midsize sedan for just 3.


On a “cold winter” country where, “having a car” and “living in the suburbs” are synonyms, having options like this for evaluating real transportation needs and taking decisions based on it, for sure adds a lot of value for the end customer.