Carpet Cleaning That’s Safe For Your Pets

Keeping your carpets cleaned is very important, not just for the look and longevity of your carpet, but also for the happiness and health of you and your family. Of course, one of the primary causes for your carpets getting dirty might be any pets you have running around the house. You don’t want carpet cleaning to affect the health of your furry family members. It’s important to keep everyone healthy and happy, while also making sure that your carpet is clean and stays beautiful and functional for as long as possible. To do this, you may have to avoid using certain chemicals and methods. Here are some ways you can achieve cleanliness while also keeping your pets safe.


Regular Vacuuming

Not only can some cleaning methods be unsafe for your pets, but an overly dirty carpet can be detrimental to their health as well. Pets can track a lot of dirt and dust in the house, and vacuuming it up regularly helps prevent these particles from settling in and getting stuck to the fibers and growing bacteria, which can be unhealthy. Vacuuming is chemical-free, and will pick up the grime before it can be too damaging. Also, vacuuming often can remove things like fleas and flea eggs, which dogs have a tendency to bring into the house and can be harmful to not just the animals, but to your family as well. Usually at the very least, vacuuming a couple times a week is a good goal to shoot for.


Odor Removal

There are many products on the market that claim to be good at removing odors from your carpets, but they can be quite expensive, and they may not necessarily be safe for your pets. Luckily, you probably have regular household items sitting around in your kitchen that would do the job safely. Baking soda is a great product for many cleaning jobs, and getting odors out of carpets is one of those jobs. Simply sprinkle it generously over a stinky spot, and let it sit for a while. Then when you vacuum it up the odor will go right along with it. Another great homemade solution is a half and half mixture of vinegar and water sprayed on the smelly area. Let it dry on its own. The vinegar will kill the smell and is perfectly safe for your pets.


Cleaning Spots

Getting spots out quickly after they appear might be the most important part of carpet cleaning. Use equal parts salt, borax, and vinegar and mix it into a paste that you can rub onto spots. It takes a few hours to dry, after which you can vacuum it up. This will remove the spot and is very effective with pet urine, which makes it perfect for when you’re housebreaking. It won’t harm that little puppy’s developing body.


Air Duct Cleaning

If you own pets, there’s something other than carpet cleaning that you can do to keep everyone safe. Pets will cause a lot of extra dust and hair that may not get stuck in your carpet to only end up in your air ducts. This means it all gets re-circulated throughout the house, which can lead to respiratory problems. Air duct cleaning will help keep everyone’s lungs clean and keep everyone healthier. An air duct cleaning service in San Antonio can take care of that service for you.

You certainly need to keep your carpets cleaned, but you also need to make sure your pets are safe. Try these tips to do both.