Action Movies With A Female Hero

Even if they’re sometimes met with folded eyes, all of us are usually big on action movies. Sure, they have a tendency to be simply big “shoot-em-ups” with many different explosions, scantily-clad women, and incredibly little storyline to talk of. But, herein lies the greatest trouble with most action movies – they are usually very focused on male heroes.… Read More

Classic Superhero Movies

Super hero movies are timeless tales of bigger-than-existence figures who possess incredible superhuman talents and strengths. Moviegoers love these kind of action movies because, most of all, they present quite the hero or heroine focused on the security from the public-at-large.… Read More

Great Superhero Movie

Super hero movies are extremely popular at this time & happen to be box office gold for around the final 10 years. Exactly the same couldn’t be stated about previous attempts, and you will find certainly some super hero movies which are favorites to be torched by upset fans expecting a lot more than they received.… Read More

Art of Visual Storytelling

Once The Jungle Book movie released a couple of several weeks ago, The Protector in the review authored that ‘hyper real digital animation meets old-fashioned storytelling’.

Many wondered exactly what the point was at remaking a classic Wally Disney classic in the mid 1960s that was unquestionably an excellent musical masterpiece.… Read More