Kaspersky Lab and the Nornickel group of companies have agreed to cooperate in the sphere of information security. The partnership is aimed at creating a comprehensive protection system for corporate and industrial networks, as well as integrating cutting edge technologies to combat cyberthreats and increase the overall security level of one of the world’s largest mining and metallurgical companies.… Read More

The Benefits of On Site Document Shredding

Most workplaces have to be responsible for the safe handling of information. They have to have systems in place to keep that information protected.  But what happens when it’s time to get rid of that information? You know enough to know that you can’t just throw it away, but did you know that it’s a bad idea to shred it yourself?… Read More

Oroville Dam Disaster

In Mid-Feb of 2017 we viewed videos on television an internet-based showing precisely how bad our crumbling infrastructure in america had become. Actually, the tallest dam within the U . s . States were built with a failure of their primary spillway, something which might have been fixed inexpensively switched into price of hundreds of huge amount of money in very short order.… Read More

Flammable Material Storage Options

Flammable materials may include gas, fluids and solids. Proper storage of those materials is important to prevent exposing employees to danger. Listed here are a couple of of the very most helpful flammable liquid storage options:


Avoid using a domestic refrigerator or freezer for storing flammable or combustible materials.… Read More

Benchmarking and Growth Hacking

While I have not been someone to make use of the latest buzzwords, “growth hacking” is really a concept worth adopting and it is implementation could possibly be the distinction between your organization thriving or simply surviving. When we think back ever, the nearest concept to growth hacking could be “benchmarking”, the practice of analyzing your competition to try to learn ways of enhancing your market position.… Read More