How to Choose a Reputable End of Lease Cleaning Company

Moving is a hectic process that is time consuming and tiresome. The last thing on your mind when moving house is to clean the house you previously occupied. However, if you fail to do the cleaning, be prepared to forego your security deposit. Most landlords require you to leave a clean property ready for the next tenant to occupy before refunding your deposit. In most cases, bond money is equivalent to a whole month’s rent and so it’s always good to clean and get back your money. Cleaning on your own is cumbersome because at this time, many people are usually busy with planning moving logistics and have no time to focus on anything else. If you want to save both your time and energy, think of hiring a company or professional to do End of Lease cleaning in Melbourne for you.


Doing vacating cleaning on your own is not wise because chances are high you will not clean thoroughly. Fortunately, you can find a reputable cleaning firm in Melbourne with great reviews that can help you out and allow you to concentrate on your move. These days, with a click of a button, you will come across numerous cleaning firms that offer bond cleaning. All you need to do is contact them and request for a quote. Cleaning companies usually send their employees with specialized cleaning materials and equipment to ensure a good job is done.

What You Need to Know About Bond Cleaning

For starters, make sure to discuss your requirements and expectations with a cleaning company. On other hand, a cleaning company should also outline how bond cleaning is done in order for you to know what to expect and make the necessary arrangements. Reputable firms always provide a comprehensive end of tenancy checklist to let you know the tasks they will focus on when they come to your property. Having this discussion is good because it enables both parties to know what is expected of them.

Advantages of Using Professional Bond Cleaning Services

Delegate Duties

Cleaning on your own is tiresome. However, when you outsource, experts will take over and handle the entire cleaning. Remember, End of Lease cleaning is demanding because there are areas that might have not been cleaned well during your entire lease period.

Money Back Guarantee

Many End of Lease cleaners offer their clients a bond refund guarantee. Just in case, you fail to get a refund of your deposit because the landlord is not satisfied with the cleaning, they can come back to the property and correct the anomaly.

Evidence of Professional Cleaning

When you hire an End of Lease cleaning in Melbourne company, they will offer you a tax receipt that you can present to the landlord or agent to show their property has been professionally cleaned. An assurance that a property was cleaned by experts will increase your chances of getting back your deposit.

Saves You Money

Rather than lose an entire bond amount which is a significantly higher amount, it’s cheaper to hire a bond cleaning company because their charges are affordable. Once you have paid them, you can pocket the rest of your bond refund.

Companies Understand Both Landlords and Tenants Needs

A good number of bond cleaning companies deal with both tenants and property owners. This is advantageous because they know what cleaning standards landlords approve so they will clean your house in accordance to a landlord’s expectation.