Choosing the Right Ceiling Medallion

A ceiling medallion bakes an amazing accent for any diverse selection of ceiling lighting types, from fans to chandeliers. At its fundamental, a ceiling medallion is definitely an ornamental piece that glams-up and increases the surrounding areas round the roof canopy, in which the wiring of the chandelier or any other fitting enters the junction box from the ceiling.

These medallions are available in a variety of finishes and sizes and could be also colored onto match the current style and design. Choose a medallion size that completely fits the sunshine fixtures combined with the size and style from the room where it will likely be placed.

When selecting a ceiling medallion, bear in mind the five following pointers:

1. Size the Ceiling and Room

Calculate the room’s dimensions to determine how big of the medallion would ideally fir space. With the aid of a calculating tape, measure both width and entire room then multiply both figures and divide by 7 to estimate the medallion’s size in inches. Also, consider the ceiling’s height. Greater focal rooms and ceilings could be improved with bigger medallions that will otherwise overwhelm a small space.

2. Size and style from the Ceiling Fan

Select a medallion that ideally fits the dimensions in addition to complements the ceiling fan’s style. Medallions ought to be either bigger or smaller sized compared to fitting – and not the foundation however the fixture itself. Matching the medallion’s size to that particular from the light fixture’s will visually compress the room’s size. Since ceilings fans possess a bigger radius, you need to select a medallion having a smaller sized diameter compared to fan.

3. To Color or otherwise to color?

You are able to suit your trim utilizing a nice glossy paint or go to have an accent color. Most ceiling medallions are ordered primed and prepared for paint. The ultimate answer will, obviously, depends upon your requirements and also the present decor of the room. It is usually smart to get inspired first and then suggest your final decision, so make certain to find information about ideas on the web.

4. Unsure Concerning the Position? Center It

If you value the thought of having a medallion but they are unclear about where you can place it, choose the middle position. Symmetry is great looking, and accenting the middle point might help tie the area together, especially with regards to bigger spaces.

To be able to determine the middle of an oblong room, calculate the size of among the shorter walls. Determine the wall’s centerpiece and measure the level. Perform the same for that adjacent wall. Are now using a laser plumb or chalk to attract a line backward and forward points. Continue the procedure while using points of interest from the longer walls. The stage where the 2 lines meet is the middle of the area.

5. Consider the Ceiling Fixtures

When considering where to discover a visual feature on the ground, it may be simple to disregard the ceiling’s features. These can impact the way you really see the ground. Swag lamps, fans, and chandeliers have a tendency to draw the attention up and lower using their place. You might place the ceiling medallion in the middle of an area, if your chandelier isn’t perfectly centered too, that variance can give the sense of the misplaced medallion. To fix this problem, try aligning the medallion with the focus from the fixture, utilizing a plumb line for precision.

However, if you choose to not put the medallion within the center, make certain it a minimum of looks deliberate. A ceiling medallion that’s just partly removed from the visual center of the room will appear weird and just like a mistake. However, if it’s pretty obvious it had become never supposed to have been placed in the middle of the area, the asymmetry will not be as distracting. The secret’s to produce visual harmony, and therefore the various components should match the whole room in a manner that each element seems to stay in its right place.

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