Choosing the Right Dog Breeder: A How-To Guide

When you decide to buy a new dog from a dog breeder, usually it is because you have a certain breed in mind that you would like to adopt. Unless you have a breeder already in mind, you will need to find one that breeds the dog you want, whether it is a German Shepherd breeder or otherwise. It is easy enough to simply find a breeder. A quick web search, or even looking through a phone book, will get you the information you need. Your vet may also have a recommendation or two if they are connected to the community. Here are some things to know about choosing the right dog breeder.


Not All Dog Breeders are Created Equal

There are all sorts of dog breeders in and around San Antonio. Unfortunately, some are better than others in terms of care and in terms of ethics. Good breeders will try to keep the line strong and pass down quality genetic traits. They avoid breeding dogs that may have some imperfect genetic traits. While it is a business, a good breeder is also focused squarely on the dogs and their health. They want to produce and sell dogs that are well cared for and have strong attributes, such as demeanor, looks, and skills. There are other unscrupulous breeders who try to breed as many dogs as they can to sell, without regard for the strength of the bloodlines. Many of these dogs end up with health issues and even disabilities. In many cases, the dogs are mistreated and kept in crowded pens and cages without the care and attention that good dog breeders would give them. These are not the breeders you want to deal with.


Things To Ask a Potential Dog Breeder

When deciding who you want to go with, you should ask a number of questions to get an idea of how they go about their business. Do not be shy about asking as many questions as you think you may need. A good dog breeder will appreciate that you are taking so much time and care into choosing the right fit. For example, you can ask if the breeder is certified under any parent organizations. You can also ask if they specialize, or if they have several breeds. This means are they just a German Shepherd breeder, or do they breed other dogs as well? Does the breed you are choosing have any health issues that are common to the breed? What do they look for in a puppy buyer? There are many more questions you could ask, depending on your personal preferences. The important thing is to get a feel for the breeder to see what their priorities are. Are they concerned about the health and well-being of the dogs they breed? Are they simply in it for the money? Make your best effort to find out.


Make a Decision

Another good resource is your own personal friends. You can also check out online message boards and directories to see if there are any reviews for the dog breeders you have in mind. Be as thorough as you can, because you will be with this pup for the rest of his or her life, and you want those years to be fun for you and for the puppy. Once you are ready, make a decision, and be comfortable that you did the best you could to find the right breeder.