Why College Prep Needs to Start Early

For some, getting into their college of choice is a dream come true. For others, simply getting into college, any college is the dream. It has never been more important to have a college degree, and as the years go by, it’s getting more vital to have that certificate if you want to have a meaningful career. That’s why College Prep is something every parent and student should be thinking about from a young age. It’s not just about getting accepted, it’s also about being able to succeed once you’re there and giving yourself the chance to achieve everything you want in life. Here are some reasons why College prep needs to start early for San Antonio students.


Colleges are Looking Back Farther

Getting into college is incredibly competitive, so you need every advantage you can get. It used to be that many recruiters looked at senior and junior grades and made a decision based off of that. Nowadays, however, they are looking at a larger body of a student’s work, including going back to freshman year. This means that students need to be successful right from the start of high school. They can’t be successful, however, if they haven’t built up to it by being prepared in grade school. Once in high school students need to have had a course load that’s vigorous enough to impress recruiters, and that demonstrates that they will be well prepared for the challenging college courses to come. Houston students preparing for college should be a process that happens right from when they start at K-12 Public Schools.


Discipline and Independence

Students from K-12 Public Schools need to develop as independent and disciplined workers. They may start in kindergarten having their hands held and being provided answers, but by 12th grade they need to be able to get work done on their own without the prodding from teachers. In college, professors will not remind you about due dates or warn of any consequences for missing class. Independent students will also be better able to handle some of the social difficulties, like homesickness and loneliness. Simply put, college is an introduction to the adult world, and successful students are those who are best prepared to handle all the new challenges coming their way.



College Prep isn’t just about academic and social preparedness. Finances play a major part in being successful in college. Being prepared for all of the extra responsibilities, from paying rent to washing dishes, can have a huge impact on a student. First off, a student needs enough funding simply to pay for school and lodging, and chances are they won’t be able to save for that with their part-time job during senior year. There should be a plan in place from an early age to help cover some costs, and money put aside from any part-time jobs done as a high-schooler. Also, students should know how to do the everyday things that many adults take for granted, like laundry, cooking, and washing dishes. There’s no need for a student to be distracted and worrying about trivial things when they could have been prepared ahead of time.


These are just a few of the benefits of starting College Prep early for Corpus Christi students. Starting early means having enough time to choose the right college, and maybe even having a much less stressful senior year than others. There’s no need to be trying to catch up at the end of high school when you could have started the race sooner.