Commercial Carpet Cleaning: 5 Tips for Better Results

There are a few things that can make an office look dirty, shabby, and unprofessional, and a dirty carpet is right at the top of the list. Ideally, you want your staff and clients to feel comfortable and clean when they come into the office. A dirty carpet gives off the impression that you do not care for your space, and how it looks makes no difference. A well maintained and clean carpet will make everyone know how professional and well-run your San Antonio office workplace is. Here are some tips to make sure that all of your commercial carpet cleaning needs are met.


Know What a Spot Is, and What a Stain Is

The main difference between a spot and stain is how long it has had to set into your carpet fibers. Every stain starts as a spot. It is crucial that when a substance gets onto your carpet that you take action right away. Find a clean cloth or a paper towel and blot the spot. Do not rub or wipe it as this could push the substance further down into the fibers. Blot up as much of the liquid as you can. Afterwards, let your cleaning staff know so they can better take care of it, or let your professional commercial carpet cleaning service know.



Carpet cleaning chemicals are great for getting out spots and stains, but they can also have drawbacks. Many chemicals used in commercial carpet cleaning can leave residues that collect dirt, which is obviously counterproductive. For a chemical to properly clean your carpet, it must be diluted so that it does not build up and create a dirt magnet. If you are cleaning up a spot, use a pre-treatment spray, as these are easy-to-use and well-diluted. Allow it the time to break down the substance, then blot it dry.


Use Quality Equipment

Don’t skimp on getting the best equipment for your daily cleaning. Purchase a high-quality vacuum and use it on a regular basis. The more you vacuum, the more your carpet will thank you. As people walk through your office, they leave behind dirt and debris that their shoes picked up outside. If left too long, this dirt gets ground into the fibers where it gets nearly impossible to remove. Make sure to clean the filters regularly as well so that your vacuum is always operating at peak efficiency.



As mentioned, you should be vacuuming your carpets on a daily basis. The faster something is taken care of, the less of a chance it has to cause permanent or long-lasting damage to your carpet. If this dirt in your carpet gets wet, it can be even more difficult to remove. That’s why pre-vacuuming before a commercial carpet cleaning is so important. It removes those larger, surface-dwelling pieces of debris so that the deep cleaning can focus on the harder to reach stuff.


Train Your Staff

Keeping an office clean should not be left just to the cleaning staff. It is a team effort. Everyone on your staff should be full-versed on how to properly maintain your carpets. Create a maintenance plan that everyone must follow so that there is no question about how to take care of your carpets.


Do not let dirty and shabby carpets make your San Antonio office place look shabby and poorly run. Use these maintenance tips, and hire the services of a professional commercial carpet cleaning service to keep them looking great at all times.