Commercial Pool Cleaning Tips That Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Keeping a commercial pool clean and crystal clear is certainly not an easy task. If your pool isn’t properly cleaned, then you will lose customers and the reputation of your business could be affected. Commercial pool cleaning is simply essential to having a cool down spot the public will love. Plus, keeping your pool clean and properly maintained can help prevent costly repairs. It can be complicated, however, since you have to take many factors into consideration, such as the proper amounts of commercial pool chemicals and how fast to run a vacuum. Here are some commercial pool cleaning and maintenance tips you need to know.


Check Your Water Levels

Water in your pool gets splashed, squirted, cannonballed, and sprayed out of your pool all season long. Plus, it evaporates all on its own even without our help. It’s important to keep track of the level of the water to make sure that it doesn’t go lower than the skimmer. First off, the skimmer can attract debris that makes it easier to remove, plus your pump can get damaged if it starts sucking air. The recommended amounts for commercial pool chemicals are usually based on the pool being a certain volume, so if your level is low you may end up with too much product.


Check Your Ph Levels

Not only should you check your pool water levels, but you also need to check your pH level. This will tell you the acidity and alkalinity of the water. You want to have a good balance so that there are bacteria fighting levels but also safe for swimmers. A good level is 7.2-7.8.


Clean Your Filter

There are several types of pool filters, and they have different guidelines for cleaning them. It’s important to clean them out according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. You should not necessarily clean it more than is recommended, either. If you’ve lost track of your schedule, you’ll notice that there’s increased pressure in the flow when it’s time for a cleaning.


Keep The Surface and the Baskets Clear

You should expect to skim the pool at least once a day, but probably even more than that, especially if you live near trees or other natural things that can blow into your pool. Along with this, you must also keep the baskets clear. If too much debris collects in your basket, then you run the risk of it re-circling back into the pool. Also, keeping your baskets clear prevents bacteria build up, which means you can use less of your commercial pool chemicals.


Vacuum and Brush

A commercial pool should be vacuumed often. This means more than the usual once a week guideline because of the amount of use commercial pools get. When vacuuming, make sure to go very slow so that you capture as much as you can. Brushing the walls is extremely important as well. Brushing will prevent algae and bacteria buildup on your walls, which can cause that murky green water that no-one likes to see.


Keeping your commercial pool clean should be of top priority. This will not only ensure that you’re following proper health and safety measures, but it also ensures that your customers will be happy.  Happy customers are likely to recommend your establishment to their friends and family. A win win all around.