Why More and More Companies are Turning to Job Placement Services

More and more Austin and San Antonio companies are starting to realize that employment agencies are important in the search for new talent. Finding qualified staff with a good work ethic and that fit within your company culture may seem like an impossible task to most. In fact many companies self admittedly postpone hiring new staff because of all the work it entails. Smart companies however, have started using job placement services. If you’ve never considered using this service before, here’s a look at why you may want to reconsider.


Candidates Rather than Applicants

One of the biggest benefits to using employment agencies is the quality of prospects you will receive. When you do the hiring yourself you will likely receive hundreds of applications that you will have to sift through. Most will be a waste of your time as they won’t have the necessary qualifications or skills that you are looking for. However, when using job placement services, the agency will only present you with prospects that meet your criteria, which means you’ll only be interviewing viable candidates.


Bigger Reach

Employment Agencies specifically exist to help companies find qualified staff.  As a result, they have extensive networks of people and resources that they can tap into when looking to fill a position. They aren’t limited to simply using advertising methods. They have databases of candidates right at their fingertips as well as many circles they can disperse the word to.


Screening Process

Many applicants have been known to embellish their work experience and skills to make their resumes look better. So when conducting your own interviews you may find that the applicants don’t actually have the knowledge that they claimed to have. When using a staffing agency you don’t have to worry about such things. All candidates are vetted for you, so you’re only interviewing those that actually possess the skills you’re looking for. The agency will even do all the reference checks and all the other tedious tasks that you would rather not do yourself.


Saving Money

What business isn’t looking to improve their bottom line? While it may seem counter-intuitive to pay a company to help you find staff, it’s actually proven to save companies a lot of money in the long run. The hiring process is a costly one. Someone in your company has to be in charge of posting the job ad, going through all the resumes, conducting the interviews, calling references, etc… These are all time consuming tasks. In fact, the whole process can take weeks to months, depending on what you’re looking for. Then there’s always the possibility that you’ll hire the wrong person, in which case you’ll spend money training them and teaching them the ropes, only for one of you to realize it wasn’t the right fit. Then you’re back to square one. Using job placement services helps you avoid these costly mistakes, as that is what you’re paying the agency to do.


If you’ve ever dreaded the hiring process, there’s no better time than the present to try using an employment agency. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start building a relationship with them and that’s a great thing. Over time, the agency will get to know you and your company better and will be able to serve you at a very high level, resulting in the best employees for your business. If you want more time and more money in your pocket, then this will be a no brainer for your company.