Should you Consider a Part Time Employment Agency?

Like it or not job hunting is something most of us will have to do in our lifetime. In a perfect world you’d only have to do this once. You’d find a job you love and work there for the length of your career. In reality though, this is rarely the case. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person will have 12 to 15 jobs in their lifetime.  Some people will enjoy the variety, but for most, the idea of having to look for work that many times is just sheer agony.


Let’s face it, finding a job in Austin isn’t easy and it can be quite the rollercoaster. You can have all the right qualifications and still not get an interview for the job you want.  You sometimes wonder if there’s some sort of secret you don’t know about. The truth is, that finding a job is tough. That’s why a part time employment agency might be just what you need.  If you’ve never considered it, here’s why you should.


Increase your odds of success

Job placement services are great to turn to when you’re finding it difficult to find a job on your own. These employment agencies have access to tons of jobs that aren’t even posted in public forums. Employers retain their services to help them find qualified candidates.  So just by using an agency you’ll have access to at least twice as many opportunities as you would on your own.


Tailored Services

Employment agencies don’t just give you access to job opportunities. They offer job placement services that can help YOU find the right opportunity . They’ll help you determine what your strengths are, help you with your resume, coach you on what to wear and help you prep for the interview. If there’s a specific field of work that interests you they’ll help you position yourself in a way to attract the employers in that industry. If you don’t have the right qualifications, they can help you determine what you need to do to make yourself a more attractive candidate.  This might mean taking a course or learning new skills. But the point is, the agency is with you through every step of the process and gives you all the tools you need to succeed.


Get your Foot in the Door

A part time employment agency can be the ideal solution if you’re still not sure what path you want to follow. It allows you to try the job and see if the work is something you enjoy doing. If you love it you can work hard and show the employer what an asset you would be to the company. Make it impossible for them not to hire you full time. On the other hand if you don’t like it, you have free time to pursue other part time opportunities and find your true calling. The beauty is that you still have money coming in while you figure out what it is you want to do.


Finding a job is a daunting task even for the most qualified candidates. So do yourself a favor and start researching Austin employment agencies and find one that offers job placement services that can help you find the right job for you. Why do it alone when you can have a qualified team help you reach your career goals faster?