Creating a Hard Drive Shredding Service Policy

For any business, the security of data they store should be a top priority. In some cases, it would be for a competitive edge with proprietary data. In other cases, it would be when it is required by law for personal and confidential information. Your business must be compliant with these laws, as you could be subject to major penalties and fines. In the past, we would often think of mounds and mounds of paper and secure shredding. Nowadays, with so much being done digitally, it is just as important, and perhaps more so, to use a hard drive shredding service to destroy all your digital files. Just because it is on a computer and has a password does not make that digitized data safe. Make sure that your business has a hard drive destruction policy that will keep your data safe and will comply with any laws and regulations. Here are some tips to help you do that.


What is a Hard Drive Shredding Policy?

A policy for destroying hard drives and other digital media can be similar to policies surrounding the secure shredding of paper documents. This policy will provide guidelines for your employees to dispose of hard drives when they are not in use anymore. The policy should include what items should be destroyed. It should also include when to destroy them if there is a requirement to keep them for a certain time perriod. Make sure that it also outlines how to destroy that information as well. In most cases, you should want to use a hard drive shredding service to make sure that the data is not recoverable. Please note that this policy is not the same as your electronic recycling policy. Recycling may be a part of the process, but only after the data has been destroyed completely. Simply recycling your electronics will still leave them open to theft.


Why is Such a Policy So Important?

So much information is stored digitally now. It is in fact the easier way for thieves to get confidential data. Hard drives, USB drives, and other storage devices can be accessed through various methods, even after they have been deleted. The information can remain in some form, and special software and equipment can retrieve it. A good digital destruction policy and a hard drive shredding service can make sure that the information can never be recovered.


Old Office Electronics

Your old electronic devices, laptops, and desktop computers should never be left around the office. Make sure that while it is still in your possession that it is kept under lock and key until it can be taken care of by a hard drive shredding service. You may have seen software that claims to wipe your hard drive completely, but even with such a program, the data can still be recovered.



It is always a good idea to have a system for tracking your electronic devices, even after they have been destroyed. Keep track of serial numbers so that you can document when items are scheduled and have already gone for destruction.

Make sure that your employees are fully educated regarding best practices and the reasons for those practices.


Nowadays, data security is not just about the secure shredding of your paper documents. We live in a digital world, and it is vital to be safe with any digitized information. Your business simply must have a digital data destruction policy that includes using a hard drive shredding service to ensure that all your information is destroyed.