Cruising continues to be one of the most popular and exciting ways to holiday.

In the UK in particular, cruising took off in a spectacular fashion after the film “Titanic” came out in 1997. Ironically about an ocean liner that met an unfortunate end but people seemed to be captivated by the sheer splendour of the idea of cruising.

Cruises also suit just about every age and every demographic.

They are a perfect holiday for couples or “empty nesters” as cruise cabins are generally built for two people and off season deals can be spectacular. For example, have an offer for January and February for a 16 Night Far East Cruise including flights and overnight Singapore Hotel for £1199pp.

For families, they offer the opportunity for families to holiday together without stress.

All the major cruise lines have “kids clubs” for various ages, including clubs for teens. So not only can the parents enjoy a well-earned rest but their kids will be fully occupied.

For single passengers, cruise holidays continue to be difficult as the cabin cost is likely to be about double. This is because the cost of the cabin is not divided in two; as when a couple sail. This has tended to cause some resentment among single passengers but some cruise lines, such as Cunard, have incorporated some single cabins on their cruise ships, such as on Queen Mary 2.

And where else can you holiday where you have all the food included (far too much of it as it happens), all your entertainment included, with spectacular Broadway style shows and other theatrical entertainment and then go off to bed and then wake up somewhere completely different.

So far as drinks are concerned and in particular alcoholic drinks; in general terms, these were never included in the cost of the cruise holiday. However, in the last few years, as more land based holidays have gone over to the “All Inclusive” holiday concept, with all food and drinks included, so the cruise lines have begun offering what they term as “drinks packages”.

Very recently, Norwegian Cruise Line have included all drinks with their cruises. So that with the cruise holiday will come virtually 24 hours of food and drinks! The drinks include spirits, wines, beers, soft drinks, coffees and teas.

Royal Caribbean and its premium cruise line; Celebrity Cruises also have a similar drinks package but at an additional cost.

So where can you cruise? Just about anywhere there is water! Caribbean Cruises continue to dominate the cruise market with Mediterranean Cruises not far behind. As cruise customers have found that they have “done” the Caribbean and the Med; they are now going further afield with Far East Cruises and South America Cruises.

P&O Cruises tend to operate most of their cruises from Southampton. So Cruises from Southampton tend to dominate the UK market as passengers can just park their cars at the cruise terminal and they are on holiday. These “No Flying Cruises” are very popular among the elderly cruiser. specialise in all types of cruises and in particular long haul cruises to far flung destinations, such as Hawaii and the East and West Coast of the USA as well as the Far East and the Caribbean.