Does Your Home Insurance Cover Cracked Foundation Repair?

Needing a house foundation repair is stressful enough but figuring out how to pay for it might be even more stressful. The good thing is that homeowners have a home insurance policy, which covers them against disasters. Unfortunately, not all policies cover cracked foundation repair. It may depend on other factors, such as the how the home was set, drought, or outside factors affecting the foundation. It is important to read over your policy carefully to understand what you are covered for and what you are not.


When You Might Be Covered

It most often depends on what caused the damage, but there are a few situations when your insurance policy will cover your cracked foundation repair. If the damage is caused by a natural disaster, such as a tornado or hurricane, then the house foundation repair may be covered. It might also be covered if the damage was caused by another factor for which you have coverage. This might be plumbing issues, a fire, or even an explosion.


When You May Not Have Coverage

Many home insurance policies do not provide coverage against flooding and earthquakes. Unfortunately, those are two common reasons for needing house foundation repair. In those cases, you may need to have separate insurance coverage for floods or earthquakes. Homeowner insurance also does not usually provide coverage for wear and tear. A home’s foundation will shift a little as time goes on, which can lead to cracking. However, a cracked foundation is considered part of the regular maintenance of a home, so it is not usually covered. That is also why it is so important to hire a foundation contractor to help maintain your foundation to prevent problems from occurring.


Common Causes of Foundation Problems

All too often, homeowners do not think about their foundation until it is too late, and they already need cracked foundation repair. It is important as a homeowner to know the common risks and causes of foundation problems so that you may be able to prevent an extremely costly repair job.


Poor Construction

Unfortunately, foundation problems can be caused by poor construction in the first place. Even the best home builders make mistakes, and those mistakes can be costly for you. Make sure that when you buy a home, you go through a vigorous inspection process to spot any potential issues.


Soil Movement

There are big and obvious causes of soil movement, such as an earthquake. However, there are also smaller causes, such as erosion of the soil. If the soil under the home erodes, then it can cause sinkholes that will create cracks in the structure of your foundation



Water is a major cause of foundation issues. There are many ways that too much water can affect your home. There could be a period of torrential rain. You could have plumbing issues, or you might just leave your sprinkler on for too long. Whatever the reason, too much water in your soil causes it to expand as it absorbs the water. This will put pressure on your foundation and potentially cause cracks. Make sure that you have good drainage and that you keep an eye on your water usage.


The foundation is the very base of your home. Everything, from the structure to the walls, depends on a solid foundation. Check your insurance policy carefully to make sure that your home is protected in case of any foundation problems.