Dog Adoption: Tips To Help You Transition Your Pooch To His New Home

So, you’ve made the great choice to rescue a dog and bring him or her to your loving and safe New Braunfels home. Your dog rescue has saved a life, and will provide you with years of love and affection as well. But now what? Dog adoption isn’t as simple as picking up a dog, bringing it home, and everything is fine. There is a transition period when you first bring an animal home, and they need to learn the rules of the house, as well as the hierarchy. Here are some tips to make that transition smoother.


Lay The Groundwork

Before you bring a dog home, everyone in the household should know the rules. That way things are consistent and not confusing for the animal. Things like boundaries should be discussed, as well as responsibilities for walking and eating. You should know before the dog adoption what the typical day will look like for the dog and for every member of the household in relation to the dog. A dog rescue will change how the house functions, so you had better be prepared.


Have Some Early Ground Rules

When a dog first comes home, it is often a good idea to limit them to a small area at first. This way, the dog will get used to the sounds and the smells of your home and family. They will get comfortable in that spot. Then you can allow them to venture out afterward. Try to be home as much as possible in those early days. Being with your dog will help them feel safe and comfortable. If you have other pets, this will also give the chance for all the animals to get used to the others being in the house without any violence.


Start Training Right Away

Training should start right away, so the dog will know that there are rules and structure to be followed. Some people keep their new dog on a leash at first to help establish it as a line of communication and to help guide him while learning the rules. Reward good behavior and correct the bad immediately. The sooner you start, the sooner your home can get into its new natural rhythm. Expect accidents during this initial period as well. Not only will your dog be getting used to new rules, but she will also be nervous.


Visit The Vet

Usually by the time a pup has gotten to the dog adoption phase they have been given their up-to-date vaccinations and they may have even been spayed or neutered. However, it is still a good idea to take him to the vet in the first few weeks. The vet will make sure that everything is up to date, and will check for any health concerns that you should be aware of. A dog rescue will have many dogs on their plate, so it will be up to you to provide the personal care that your pooch deserves.


Crate Train

Your new dog’s ancestors burrowed and made dens to live in. A crate will give your dog a makeshift den to call their own and to escape to when the house gets too noisy or busy for their liking. It can also make house training easier.


Having and caring for a dog can bring so much love and joy into a home. These tips will help make the transition for your dog, and for you, that much easier, and help create a bond that will last a lifetime.