Dog Training 101: How To Get Your Dog To Come Each Time You Call

Is there anything more embarrassing as you repeatedly calling after your dog and they won’t come? There may also be nothing scarier than your dog getting loose and running off into San Antonio traffic or to some other dangerous place while ignoring your pleas to come back. In frustration, you might curse their particular breed or be upset with yourself because you gave them an extra treat, but really, it comes down to dog training. You can get any dog to come when you call, but it takes patience and dedication. Training your dog to come when you call, no matter what other distractions there might be, will keep your dog safe and increase your peace of mind.


Train with Treats


Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool to use when dog training. What could be more positive to a dog than a yummy treat? You may not want to use a treat for all training situations, but recall is a good time to use them. We want them to respond as quickly as possible, since it may be a life or death situation when you’re trying to call them to you. So, whenever they come to you after the command you choose for recall, give them a treat to get them used to recognizing and responding to that command.


Stay in Control


If your dog breaks free from its leash or gets out of the backyard, your first instinct might be to panic. While the dog might be running out of control with its new-found freedom, there is no reason for you to get out of control. Panicking will only make them get more excited and anxious, making it harder to retrieve them. Stay calm, keep an eye on them, and use a reward to get them to come to you. Do not try to run after your dog unless they are very slow. You probably won’t catch them, and they’ll think you’re playing and do everything possible to avoid you.


Be Consistent


You probably use lots of voices and nicknames when you’re talking to your dog. Whether it’s a lovey-dovey voice, or a stern one, your tone indicates your feelings in a certain situation. When it comes to recall, you should use the same consistent tone and command every time. That might be the dog’s name said in a certain way, or a word such as “come” in a certain tone. Do not change it up, as that will only make your dog confused. A big part of dog training is consistency


Remember Dog Breeding and Instincts


We may sometimes act like it, but dogs are not humans. They are not our children. They do not believe in democracy. A dog will respond to the “alpha” of a pack and be not as responsive to someone who they don’t consider to be that “alpha.” This instinct has remained through years of dog breeding. You must be the alpha. That means that you are always calm, firm, and provide direction to your dog. If they feel they have power over you, then they may stop listening and start misbehaving.


New Braunfels dog owners agree that getting a dog to come immediately when we call can be a challenge for some. It can also be incredibly stressful and frustrating if your dog doesn’t respond to your commands. Use these dog training tips and remember their dog breeding and instincts to take control of your pooch.