Dog Training Tips You Can Implement Today

Training your dog properly is one of the best things you can do to ensure you and your pet live a long, stress free life together. An untrained dog can cause messes, embarrassment, and chaos in the home. Proper dog training keeps the dog comfortable in what is expected of him, and it keeps you comfortable knowing you don’t need to worry about bad behaviors causing uneasiness at home. Training can be a lifelong endeavor, and provides a wonderful bonding opportunity for you and your furry friend. Here are some training tips you can implement right away to make sure your pet is on its best behavior.


Walk Away the Bad Behavior

One of the best training tools at your disposal is something you’re probably doing already: a nice brisk walk. You should be taking your pooch for a stroll every day, preferably in the morning. That way, she’ll start the day out with exercise to burn off some energy. If a dog is left at home with too much energy while the family goes to work or school, it will be more likely to chew on things and destroy them. Keep up a good pace, so no stopping for every tree or saying hello to every other dog, to maximize the energy burning. Playtime is also crucial, so feel free to play games or give him toys that will stimulate the mind and body.


Lead By Example

Walking is important, but how you act as the dog trainer during that walk goes a long way to making sure your pup is properly training. Dog training is often about leading by example. This means always remain calm yet assertive. You should be consistent with rewards and penalties. This way, the dog will have a clear idea of what is expected in certain situations. Dogs are also very responsive to your moods, so if you’re acting stressed out and not fully in control, then the dog will get stressed out too.


Have a Routine

You’d think that since dogs are supposed to be in the wild that a routine wouldn’t matter to them, but in fact dogs thrive when they are in predictable situations. Dogs like to know what will be happening from the moment you awake until bedtime. If you usually walk them in the morning, then do your best to stay consistent with that routine. You should also carve out time for play and mental stimulation. If your routine is all over the place, the dog can get confused as to what is happening, and may not respond to commands as well.


Get Professional Help

It’s never too late to get professional help with dog training in San Antonio. There are classes for all ages, so if you think you might need some help, don’t hesitate to sign your dog up. If you feel like your dog might benefit from a more involved and extensive level of training, you can look into dog boarding to get your pup some in-kennel training. This type of training is 24-hours a day, and can get deeper into all aspects of dog training than a once-a-week class is able to do. Dog boarding is a great option for owners who may have a doggy discipline issue that they need some extra help with.


Dogs are no doubt a part of our families. We love them like children, but the fact is, they simply can’t take instructions the same way that children can. Use these tips to help make your dog the best behaved on the block.