What a Dog Walking Service can do for your Pet’s Health

It’s no surprise that more and more dog owners are finding it difficult to give their four legged friends the much-needed exercise they deserve. The reality is that we live in a fast paced world full of commitments. By the time we get home, have dinner and tend to the things that need our attention, the thought of walking the dog sounds about as appealing as drinking sour milk. No big deal you think “I’ll walk him tomorrow” Unfortunately, good intentions won’t help your pooch. More often than not, “tomorrow” never ends up happening.  The result? A guilty conscience on you part and a dog that isn’t as healthy as he could be.


It’s not all doom and gloom though. If the above scenario sounds like your reality, then a great option would be a dog walking service. Many Chicago, IL pet owners swear by it. It’s the perfect solution to keeping your pet healthy with no extra pressures on your time.


Dog walkers can help keep your pet healthy and happy. Here’s how.


A stimulated dog is a happy dog

A healthy dog is one who receives both mental and physical stimulation daily. Dogs just naturally have a need to keep busy. A dog walking service is perfect for this as walks will provide that daily dose of exercise, while the change in environment will provide some much needed mental stimulation.


Routine is key

Ever notice how your pooch expects certain things at certain times of the day? For instance, a treat might signify that it’s time for bed.  A pair of running shoes might signal that it’s time for a stroll. Dogs are creatures of habit and prefer when their lives have a routine. Dog walkers can be hired to take your pooch for a walk at the same time every day, making it part of your pet’s daily routine.


Prevents destructive behavior

Dogs who have cabin fever tend to get anxious and will often exhibit destructive behaviors such as digging, scratching, or chewing on things they shouldn’t be. This behavior pattern is unhealthy and can lead your pet to ingesting things that are toxic to their health. A dog that gets regular walks expends their energy on exercise and therefore has no need to engage in destructive habits.


Limits attention seeking behavior

If your pet barks and whines regularly it’s because he’s not getting what he needs. He’s crying out for help. Dogs who get regular exercise tend to be calmer and don’t require as much of your attention. In the end it benefits your mental health and his.


Weight Control

It should come as no surprise that sedentary pets are prone to carrying extra pounds. It’s important for dogs to maintain a healthy weight as to avoid any unnecessary pressure on their joints and heart.


Digestive System

Just as is the case with people, walks are beneficial to a dog’s digestive system. It helps keeps things moving and keeps them regular.


If you love your pet but are short on time, a dog walking service in Chicago, IL might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. A good service will treat your pet like their own and keep your pooch healthy and happy so he can be in your life as long as possible. It’s a win, win all around.