How to Download Videos From Vimeo Like a Pro?

Downloading video from Vimeo could be done in different ways. You can use software or plugins installed on your computer or smartphones, and download Vimeo videos freely. You can also use online Vimeo downloaders websites, which are easy and free to use without any limitation. In this article, we are going to see how you can download video from Vimeo (Link  without like a real professional using the second method.

With Vimeo, people share videos with their friends and family. To play or watch any Vimeo video, you need an Internet connection to play it online. Unfortunately, some people do not have always internet connections or some other wishing to watch video offline for their own reasons, the best way in that case is to download and save the Vimeo video using Vimeo Downloader.

What is an Online Vimeo Downloader and how it can be used to download and save videos from Vimeo?

An online Vimeo Downloader is a professional webapp which allows you to download and save video from Vimeo. To generalized simply, an Online Video Downloader help users to download videos from websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and lot of more other websites.

Those webapps require the video URL to process and deliver the download links to users. Some webapps connects to the website hosting the video and start a streaming, then convert to stream into a specific video format, some other will process the URL and provides the direct video link as stored on the original server.

Online downloaders have the following features:

  • Generally, they can support lot of video and music websites, not only Vimeo
  • They are very easy to use, and require only the URL of your video
  • They are secured as they don’t require any installation on your computer or smartphone
  • They are free to use, they don’t require any registration
  • They are compatible with any type of computer (Windows, MAC etc.), any type of browser (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome etc.) and any smartphone (Android devices, IOS devices etc.)

Here are 2 examples of online video downloaders: and


How to use Vimeo Downloaders like a Pro?

To download and save video from Online downloaders like a pro, you can follow the steps below. Before starting, you should make sure you have the URL of your Vimeo video, this input is mandatory for every online downloader. Also, if the video is protected against download by the Vimeo owner, you will not be able to download it; in any case, the Vimeo downloader will let you know this information.

Please note that the process is very easy, you just need to follow it one time and it will be strait forward for the next time you look for downloading Vimeo video.

  1. Choosea Vimeo video you want to download and Copy its URL
  2. Openthe Vimeo Downloader (Link and Paste the URL in the input field
  3. Pressthe Download button to start the process, you will be redirected to the download page
  4. From the download page, Choosethe format you need, Right Click on the Download link, and Save As in your computer
  5. Renamethe target video file and Save it in your computer or device
  6. Waituntil the download is complete and Open your video with any video player

As you can notice, the 6 steps are strait forward. You need to follow this process for any Vimeo video you want to download.


Vimeo Downloaders sites could be a great alternative for videos professionals who wants to download Vimeo video easily and simply. The advantages using such tools are very interesting, not only the users do not need to install software on their computers or smartphones, but they avoid exposing to any risk linked to those installation. Online Vimeo downloaders are also updated regularly to support more and more websites. As you can see, the download process is very easy and the only input required is the URL. If you are a video professional or even a casual user seeking to download video from Vimeo, please try the online downloaders following the process described above, and let us know from the comments.