Employment Services: 6 Questions to ask Your Staffing Agency

There are several components to running a successful business in San Antonio. Ultimately though, your company’s bottom line is the most important factor. If you’re not making money, then chances are you won’t be in business for long. So, it’s important to get it right as early as possible, to ensure success. One of the best ways to do this is through your staff. If your employees are knowledgeable, skilled and committed to your company’s vision, productivity and efficiency will be high. However, it’s extremely difficult to get staffing right. There are so many factors that come into play. One of the best ways to achieve the right staffing complement is to make use of employment services. A staffing agency is well equipped to help you get the right team in place. In fact, that is the very nature of the work they do. These agencies exist for this purpose. The only question is, how do you find the right staffing agency for your company’s needs? Here are some questions to ask when looking for an agency to work with.


Are you qualified to fill vacancies in specific niches?

As a business owner or manager, you want to make sure that the agency you partner with is qualified to find candidates in your sector. For instance, you wouldn’t necessarily want to work with a firm that specializes in the oil and gas industry if you’re looking for someone with experience in accounting. It’s crucial that the agency be well versed in your specific niche. This will ensure a better success rate.


Where are you listing the position? Do you use job boards?

Ideally, you’d want to know what methods the agency is using to recruit. You don’t want to hire an agency who only has access to the same job boards, etc that you would. Otherwise what would be the point of paying for employment services? Ask them where they advertise? The point isn’t to get the listing seen by tons of people, but rather to get it seen by the right people.


Do you already have a database of candidates to pull from?

There is a comfort in knowing that the staffing agency you work for already has a pool of people to potentially draw from. The wider reach they have, the higher likelihood of finding a suitable candidate. And if the database already has people who have been pre-screened then the faster you might get someone on board.


What sets you apart from other agencies?

This is always a good question to ask as you may find out that they have access to resources that other agencies don’t have. It will also give you an idea of what their priorities are and if they are a good fit for your company.


What are your success rates?

It’s never a bad idea to ask for data. Numbers don’t lie. Your agency may get several orders a month, but if they have a hard time finding successful candidates to fill those orders than that may flag a problem. Knowing that they have successfully helped others staff their businesses goes a long way in showing that they know what they are doing.


Why do you need to write up the job advertisement?

Some companies don’t understand why the staffing agency would write up the job specifications. They feel that since it is their business they would know best what to look for. However, the way a posting is written can have a huge impact on the types of candidates that respond. It’s important to work together. Your input is important, but the agency knows best how to advertise.


Armed with the right questions, there’s no doubt that you will find the right San Antonio agency to work with, which in turn will result in your company having the best team possible to meet its goals.