Where Exactly Does SEO Fit In Your Web Development Plan

An expert in SEO services can tell right away how successful a site will be based on how the owner chooses to incorporate SEO into their web development. Not just that, but even when the incorporation is done is important. SEO attributes should be included from the start of development, and continue throughout every stage until completion. If optimization is not performed until closer to the end of development, certain key factors may be missed, making the website less effective for conversions.


All SEO All The Time

San Antonio Companies that provide SEO services are thinking about SEO at every stage of a project. From the very beginning, every choice that’s made has SEO in mind. As a site owner, make sure to sit down and discuss with your web development team what your thoughts are. This includes the goal of the site, the audience you’re looking to reach, and what your strategy is when it comes to marketing to get people to visit. The way people search will differ based on what they’re trying to do. If they’re looking to buy, then their habits will be different than if they’re looking for information, for instance. If the process starts with this kind of thinking, the end result should fall into place much more easily.


Work Backwards

It’s never a good idea to try and insert SEO at the end of the process or when you’re testing the site. This means that SEO should be built into the wireframing of the site so that every function is geared towards making your site search friendly. As you start the process, discuss with your team what you think the client will be searching for, and how your site can reflect that to optimize its search rankings.


SEO Is Ongoing

Search engine optimization isn’t a passive process that’s complete once your web development process is finished. Your strategies should be evolving based on new trends and new data that you collect. If you’re updating or making a change to your site, then it could have an impact on SEO, so it must be considered at this phase as well.


SEO All Over

There should be no aspect of your site that isn’t developed without SEO consideration. Every tiny detail, and every big graphic or eye catching element should have been produced with SEO in mind. It should all flow through the SEO strategy you created with your SEO services provider. If you go against that strategy, then you’re essentially wasting your money since a loose strategy means you’ll lose prospective visitors to your site.


It’s virtually impossible to have a successful site without a solid SEO strategy. That strategy needs to start from the beginning of the process, and filter through every update and interaction you have with your site. For SEO to work, you must remain committed to the process even after the initial work is finished to create your website. Before you even meet with an SEO specialist to help plan and implement your strategy, make sure to have a general idea of who you’d like to attract, what your goals are, and what some possible keywords might be. That way, the entire process will not only go smoother, but will also give you the best chance at success.