Be Feminine, Flirty and Fashionable with the Premier Jewelry Spring 2017 Catalog

Not just a fashionable gift, the beautiful jewelry from the Spring collection catalog will add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The Premier Jewelry Spring 2017 catalog is so affordable that you can really afford to splurge on some beautiful earrings, bracelets , rings and necklaces that will promises to stand you in good fashion stead. The unique appeal about Premier Jewelry is that they provide classy jewelry which will stand the test of time.

Quality High Fashion Jewelry

Made from real gold and silver which is electroplated, meaning the gold and silver is bonded to a base metal, this high fashion jewelry meets strict quality standards. Unlike with costume jewelry, you won’t find any chips and tarnishes; this is jewelry which is high quality, but affordable.

In the premier jewelry catalog 2017 they have a wonderful selection of jewelry which evokes feelings of romance and of being carefree. The catalog will have some rhodium-plated jewelry which is a derivative of platinum, more dense than silver and very durable. You’ll also find some ‘like the real-thing’ crystals which are cubic zirconias or Swarovski Austrian crystals as well as some real semi-precious stones such as jade, tanzanite, turquoise and others.

What You See and Read is what You Get

When you invest in Premier Jewelry, nothing is sinister. They want their customers to know exactly what they are getting, and they indicate in the catalog exactly what each piece is made up of. For instance the pearls in the Spring collection are glass and are dipped in a Pearl Essence which gives them that exquisite shimmering luster. They look exactly like genuine pearls, but the catalog will be careful to tell you that they are not. Their beauty lies in the fact they while they look like the real thing, the price tag is easy on the eye.

Why not take a look at the light and breezy Seabreeze pearls listed in the Premier Jewelry Spring 2017 catalog? This is when fashion takes a holiday because you can wear the lightest Summer sandals and prints and look stunning in these pearls which are flirty, feminine and refreshing for the beach.

Mix and Match Your Way to Instant Good Looks

The Beachbound bracelet will also look stunning in combination with the Seabreeze pearls and this fabulous arm decoration is also available on the. If the idea of sea blues and greens isn’t your thing, the Premier Jewelry Spring 2017 catalog has something exotic and vivid. Their Salsa necklace and bracelet, Cresent earrings and Momentum ring in bright reds, crimson and silver is enough to brighten any day or night.

For anybody who likes to have something Biblical close to their heart, the Matthew 17:20 reversible necklace makes an outstanding gift for someone and it even has a grain of mustard seed in a small flower casing in keeping with the scripture verse.

Spring and Summer Must-Haves

There are so many must haves off the Premier Jewelry Spring 2017 catalog for you to have a stylish Spring and Summer, and with their excellent selection, you will be able to add shine to your wardrobe. The bottom line with Premier Jewelry is that you can enjoy high fashion jewelry that gives you style for less and which has the means to update any look you have.