Are Fidgets the Solution to Today’s Modern Epidemic?

I’m a keen observer of people, and always have been. I find it interesting to watch how particular types of people carry themselves, behave towards others, and their reactions to certain types of situations. I find it interesting because, I know, beneath the external projection, there’s a lot more going on inside that person. And, in many cases, even the people closest to them will never really know what that person is going through in their life.

I’ve often thought that the biggest bullies of this age are not other people but what goes on inside of us. Stress, worry, self-doubt, fear, and anxiety. What goes on inside of us whether it be physical, mental, or emotional are powerful forces. It can significantly influence who we are and ultimately who we become.

The reality is, at times, we can be our best self and other times our worst enemy. When I look at today’s generation being brought up with more technology than ever before a part of me is envious of the fun, excitement, and the opportunity it brings. Then, there’s the other side of me that is concerned about what young people are being exposed to and the places for which they can access it. As a result, much of what we are being exposed to, and being demanded, of is causing high levels of stress and anxiety for many people whether it be at home, in the workplace, or school.

How big of an issue has stress and anxiety been on us a global population? Much larger than many of us had thought of! One such indicator is the explosive popularity of fidgets. Since fidget toys like the fidget spinner, fidget cube and fidget pen hit the market in January 2017, it took less than four months before almost everyone knew about them. Now, kids are spinning them at school, employees are spinning them at work, and families are spinning them at home. Why have fidgets become so popular? Because, fidgets have been able to help people relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and improve concentration when they need it. And, it’s only a spin away.

Stress and anxiety have become the modern epidemic of today’s generation. Granted, there are stages of our lives when we’re able to deal with things. However, there are other times where overwhelm, misery, stress, and anxiety attacks us. While chronic conditions may require specialized treatments with a health professional; many have found an effective solution with the popular fidget spinners, fidget cubes, and fidget pens.

Christian Nestell Bovee, an epigrammatic New York City writer, once beautifully wrote, “There is great beauty in going through life without anxiety or fear. Half our fears are baseless, and the other half discreditable.” There is great truth and wisdom in Bovee’s words. Life lessons that, if we can take onboard in the right manner, will serve us and others in life well. Maybe, to help keep things in check and under control, we just need to give life a good spin and ensure we keep things in perspective.