Find The Right Online Lottery Website With FairLottos

More and more online lottery agents are pooping up all across the internet, but how can players tell which is the best site to buy lotto tickets on? Is there a way to tell which lottery sites are a scam and which ones are legit?


Since 2016 the prevalence of scam lottery websites has increased by an estimated 500% with millions of dollars being lost every year to scam websites. This had led to online lotto players looking for an authority to guide them to legitimate lotto ticketing  services.

FairLottos is an all-new lottery agent review platform that rates all of the different aspects of the lottery provider’s website. These include the look and feel of the website, how many different lotto games are on offer, player bonuses and promotions and the security and safety features.

The staff at FairLottos is made up of diverse people all with a single thing in common; their love for playing the lotto. Our crew is formed of online lottery players, website developers and even a major jackpot winner or two!


The FairLottos team has grown throughout the years and now features lottery reviewers based all around the globe.


Before reviewing a lottery agent’s website the reviewer will establish an online account with the agent, buy lotto tickets or play the other betting or casino games available, accumulate their winnings and judge the general look and feel of the lottery page.


Along with a permanent staff, FairLottos also welcome reviews for their users. They use a 5-star rating system to grade the different aspects of the site, providing an unbiased perspective from the lottery player’s view.


Take a look at FairLottos right here and find an online lotto provider that’s right for you!