What Fire Damage Restoration Companies Want You to Know

A fire at home or work can be a devastating experience even assuming that everyone escapes without injury or worse. Precious items, important documents, and expensive equipment can all be damaged beyond repair. The heartbreak can be unimaginable. However, even after tragedy, rebuilding must take place. There are many complications that come from having fire damage, so it’s important to be well informed. Fire damage restoration companies exist specifically to repair or rebuild structures that have been damaged or devastated by fire, so they are the experts. Here are some things that fire damage restoration companies want you to know about fire and fire damage repair.


Take Care of Yourself First

Having your home destroyed by fire can cause overwhelming emotional trauma to you and your family. Even if no living being was lost, you may still need to mourn. Give yourself some time to cry and regain some composure to deal with the rebuild with a level head. You may find that you or someone in your family needs professional help to cope. Seek any help you need to help you get through the process of losing and rebuilding your home or going through fire damage repair.


Keep Everyone Away

Even after the fire has burned down, you should not allow anyone to go near the home unless a Firefighter or another professional gives the go-ahead. Even if a building looks stable, it may have been weakened by the fire and could collapse at any time. The air quality may also be dangerously poor, as smoke and other carcinogens may still be present. There’s a good chance that smoke damage repair will be required. This includes pets as well, since they are just as susceptible to smoke inhalation as you are.


Assess the Damage

To make an insurance claim, go through the home and document every bit of damage. That means taking photos of every place where you can see damage, for starters. Also, you’ll want to note any noticeable air quality issues that linger as well. Do not leave anything undocumented. If you are unsure, write it down just in case.



There may be some clean up that you can do safely, without the help of fire damage restoration companies. This may include mopping up any water that’s collected on the floor from the firefighters or rain that’s come in through holes burned in the structure. You can also open windows and doors to let some fresh air in and improve the air quality. However, it’s important to note that this alone won’t be enough to air out your house. Chances are you’ll still need smoke damage repair done to really improve the air quality.


Involve the Experts

Fire restoration companies will tell you that it’s important to have an expert come and look at the building to see what needs to be done to get it back to code. Does it need a full rebuild? Will it simply be a matter of fire damage repair? Call in an expert to examine every inch of the home safely. Not only can they perform fire damage repair, but they can give you all the information you need about insurance claims, fire prevention, and other clean up options you may not have considered. The professionals have years of expertise and training to make sure that they can do their job well, and also help you get through the process.


Surviving a fire is just the first step. After the initial fire, there is so much to consider and to worry about. Hopefully these tips and the help from professionals will make such a stressful process that much easier on you and your family.