Free Grammar Checker

Admit it, as a writer or an editor, there are times when we just need a little help from anyone who’d proofread our articles before posting it either online or offline. It’s not easy to find one of course unless you’ll hire someone who’ll do it for you in a regular basis. But then again, that isn’t cheap.

With Paperrater grammar checker, wrong grammar, spelling check and proofreading doesn’t have to be an issue. It’s very simple. Paperrater is a FREE online article checker where you’ll not just be able to check your article for wrong spelling or wrong grammar, it will also find the words that doesn’t seem suitable to use and suggest you words that are similar to the words you have used but only more appropriate. It’s a perfect tool for identifying little but pesky mistakes before turning it in. And what’s wonderful about Paperrater besides its grammar and spelling check is that it gives you the opportunities to improve your writing based on several levels like this example below:


So in other words, let’s say your writing needs to sound like a “college graduate” level, just choose graduate level from the dropdown menu and select the type of paper like if it’s a blog (like my sample) , an essay, a thesis or something else. Then accept the terms and conditions by just clicking that little box and then click GET REPORT. It will instantly evaluate your writing based on the information you have provided.

When it comes to the content, look at the original article and check Paperrater grammar checker suggestions.





So, there you see the difference right? So, in other words, you’ll not have to worry about the many things people worry about when it comes to writing.

This article checker, by the way, is not only used by newbies in the field of writing. Its’ also used by professional writers and editors as well as students from different fields who are making their reports and thesis. It’s a very convenient way to check your work for plagiarism too as you may have also noticed with the image I have provided. So, if for example you are making a report and you need to include the references, just copy and paste all of them at the bottom where it says WORK CITED. This will allow the tool to rule out plagiarism since your intention is not to copy anyone’s work or ideas.

Paperrater article checker is FREE and easy to use. You don’t have to download anything. Just copy and paste your piece and get the result in seconds! Aside from the spelling checker, word suggestions you will also get to check you grade with its AUTO CHECKER which is based on the actual style of your writing, word choices, grammar vocabulary and all.


And what’s next after that? Well, you may also want to check WHERE NEXT at the top right side of the page where you’d be able to see some writing tips and guide such as commonly misused words, effective outlines, writer’s block and more.