Freelance Writing Rates

Writing rates will always be everywhere. It’s because a number of factors, eg:

I. Factors That Determine Writing Rates for Freelancers

Following are three from the greatest factors that determine what you can charge.

Niche: Some niches pay greater than others. For instance, you are more likely to earn more like a tech author than the usual fashion author.

Kind of Writing: Like niches, some kinds of writing pays much better than others. For instance, are you aware that you can generate a couple of 1000 dollars writing websites? You are able to. A good deal rate for this kind of writing is a few 1000 dollars. Effective authors that do this kind of writing charge five figures, eg, Bob Bly.

If you are interested in this kind of high-compensated writing, Google phrases like “direct response copywriting” or “junk mail copywriter” to find out more.

Industry Rates: Although writing rates do vary – extensively – with research, you’ll find a business standard. As you freelancer place it, “If everybody are able to afford you, your minute rates are lacking. If no-one can, your minute rates are too steep.”

For your information, Writer’s Digest publishes a yearly Freelance Prices Guide, which lets you “calculate your expenses, hourly rates, and project rates, and learn to negotiate for additional money. Additionally, it lists sample rates and it has more sources that will help you perfect your prices.”

There are other factors which go into working out what you need to charge like a freelance author, however these are three of the most basic. Now that you’ve got a much better concept of what adopts prices a writing job, there’s great news for freelancers in 2016.

II. Rates increasing

This season, all signs indicate writing rates rising.

Among the primary reasons is happy marketing. Based on the 2016 Business to business Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report through the Content Marketing Institute, a number one source of content marketers, 88% of Business to business marketers use content marketing and 51% be prepared to improve their content marketing budgets the coming year.

Content marketing is becoming extremely popular the final couple of years, and firms are not only seen allocating much more of their budgets for this type of marketing, they are purchasing in-depth content. Proof? The Corporation article, 7 Ways 2016 Will Pressure Your Articles Online Marketing Strategy to alter, explains why, stating:

“… quality standards have become stricter and much more important than ever before. If you wish to survive in 2016 and beyond, your articles will have to be… better-researched, better-written, and much more valuable for your audience.”

This means that firms are purchasing skilled authors you cannot hire at cheap rates.

III. Hone Your Talent

One things customers are searching for is results: eg, the number of clicks did a publish get, ow many occasions made it happen get reshared on social networking, the number of new subscribers did their e-newsletter get.

What this signifies for authors isn’t just honing your ability as a copywriter, eg, finding out how to write headlines that will get clicked but additionally increasingly good at interacting on social networking. Why social networking? Since it drives lots of website traffic. So you should know what, why and how people interact through the various mediums so that you can create content they consume.


There’s never been a much better time to become freelance author. Keep these points in your mind if you choose to make the leap.
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