Game Server Hosting Now

How does it work?

A game server can refer to different things but for most online games you want a dedicated server that only have one job – hosting games online so check out this great website for game server hosting. The Game Server Hosting or Darwin streaming services (DSS) are used for distributing audio and video on-demand and server providers all over the world, which is a service passionate about servers. Darwin Streaming Server is a streaming media solution to allow you to stream MP3’s and MPEG-4′   and an open source streaming server by Apple as a free service.

What it offers:

A high level of customizability is provided by Darwin Streaming server allowing you to manipulate the code to fit your needs while running on a variety of platforms. Using standard RTP and RTSP protocol, this Streaming Server is the open source version of Apple’s QuickTime Streaming Server technology that allows the user to stream media to clients across the Internet.


It is a game server or computer online that hosts multiplayer games and is always on, 24h a day, 356 days/year. With a solid game server such as Darwin, gamers get connected from across the world and this Game Server Hosting provides fast, reliable connections and is a dedicated server to host games.

Darwin is a cloud computing company and is dedicated to make the Internet fun again with providing the ultimate game server experience for client computers with a superior connection and no negative experiences such as getting cut of; dealing with lag or other issues.


Some form of residential bandwidth restrictions are a problem with most ISP`s and this means that more than four to six players on a game server, the Internet connection will be slowed down by the ISP`s   between the server and the client computers. This can cause gamers to lose their connection to the server, keep gamers from logging on to their game, and creating a slow and lagging game environment. Darwin Servers are never overloaded.


The perks..


With Darwin to host your game server, only the best is good enough as;

  • Eliminated bandwidth problems.
  • Eliminated poor connection speeds.
  • Great value for money priced servers.
  • Online game server plans for any budget.
  • Professional cloud storage solutions on demand.
  • Working with state of the art facilities.
  • Game servers housed in a fully staffed, professional server environment.
  • Overall state of the art computing power at your fingertips.
  • Industry leading customer service.


Solutions for custom streaming are available that aid with problems areas such as;

  • global fail-over,
  • global load balancing,
  • local load balancing,
  • on-demand content distribution and
  • streaming clusters


Look no further if you are looking for fully managed Darwin streaming servers for distributing audio and video on-demand. Darwin host your server 24 hours a day and is tweaked for maximum difficulty on all levels. There is a specifically build control panel so that you can make changes and stop and start your server. And because Darwin is always ready to scale the data, no matter how big a game server you need, we will always be ready to host for you.