Why Gifts Become More Important When You’re Away.


Being away from your friends and family is never easy. Whether it’s for a job or simply that you’ve chosen to move somewhere else, it can be a daily struggle to be away from those who you grew up surrounded by the love of. That struggle is only amplified around the big occasions – birthdays, Christmas, weddings, christenings and anniversaries. We want so much to be with them, but if that’s not possible, we want them to feel our love as keenly as if we were.

That’s why getting your gift right is so crucial. The presents we give are as much a reflection of ourselves as they are the people we give them to, but what if we aren’t around to give those gifts?

Online shopping has changed the way we send gifts to people, but it’s not without its downsides. Generally, there’s no guarantees of delivery, no heart and no soul at all. For those people we care about, the prospect of a heartless Amazon box on their special occasion does nothing to show how we feel about them.

So what’s the answer? Well, we think it’s one of our stunning gift bundles. Whether you’re looking for a gift for mum, your sister or even a friend – our personal, handmade gift bundles offer the thoughtful warmth that we all want from our gifts.

All of our products are sourced from the UK, with most being handcrafted by small producers. Lovingly prepared and bundled together by our wonderful team, your special somebody will receive their gift bundle in time with their birthday along with a free personal message. We’re convinced that it’s the perfect way to send your love whilst abroad, and we’re confident that you’ll think that way too.

Best of all, because you pick what goes in the bundle, whoever is lucky enough to receive your gift will feel your touch throughout. In the know about their favourite bath bombs or bath and body products? Know that they can’t resist the call of chocolate? Whatever it is, you can make them feel special from anywhere in the world, and what’s better than that?