Got Backup V Apple iCloud

This online file storage review compares an encouraging new online file storage company Got Backup with Apple iCloud, easily probably the most popular cloud-computing services on the planet.

Everyone is aware of iCloud, that is Apple’s premier cloud service. iCloud is part of Apple’s effective ecosystem, which means you can get an extensive integration with Apple’s products with iCloud. Certainly, you ought to have iCloud if you’re a fan of Apple and also have an apple iphone, iPad and imac desktop. But it is not of great importance and use for you for those who have your personal computer or Android devices in your own home. By which situation, you’re best with Dropbox or among the new online file storage services for example Got Backup.

Got Backup is definitely an online file storage service from GVO Corporation, a Texas based company that produces online solutions and products. Got Backup stores and supports your files online, similar to how Dropbox does. There’s more – you are able to potentially make lots of money from Got Backup’s affiliate marketing program. Apple iCloud clearly doesn’t have a joint venture partner program, and extremely doesn’t need one.

The Characteristics

With Got Backup, you have access to your files which are stored online on any device, you just need a web connection along with a computer or perhaps a device connected to the internet. Got Backup is much like Dropbox with regards to simplicity of use and functionality. Got Backup offers limitless online file space for storage and supports data on PC and also on Mac, on iPhone and iPad, and also on any Android device. Returned provides the greatest to safeguard online file storage, utilizing a 256 bit AES file encryption. It’s perfectly safe as well as your data on Got Backup is really as secure because it will get. Nobody, except the account holder (you) has got the permission to gain access to your computer data on Got Backup.

Apple iCloud may be the premier online file storage service for Apple products. It really works synchronized with iTunes and Apple Store. It is simple to backup Calendar, Mail and Contacts on iCloud, in addition to all of the data in your iPad, iPhone and Macs. You are able to support your apps and music too. Whatever you backup on iCloud is quickly accessible across all Apple devices.

The Cost

Got Backup includes a trial plan that sets you back just by $1 for that first week. If you are pleased with it, apply for the three full subscription plans. The Private Backup may be worth $8.99 monthly, offering limitless online cloud backup for 1 computer or device.

The Household Plan costs $14.99/month, offering online file storage for five computers or devices, as well as for 5 different accounts. The Backup & Share Plan costs $13.99/month, offering limitless online file storage for five computers or devices. There’s no setup fee with Got Backup.

iCloud offers online for free file storage for five GB of information. Beyond that, iCloud offers 20GB for $.99 monthly 200GB for $3.99 monthly 500GB for $9.99 monthly and 1TB for $20 monthly.

The Affiliate Marketing Program

Where Got Backup scores over Apple iCloud is the fact that with Got Backup, there’s a joint venture partner program with excellent income generating possibilities. iCloud doesn’t have affiliate marketing program, when you are without doubt comfortable with.

How much cash are you able to make with Got Backup affiliate marketing program? Well, there are several who redesign $2500/month. Got Backup provides you with 100% commissions for that first month – meaning being an affiliate you will get 100% direct commission for every purchase. The commissions provided by Got Backup become 50% in the second month onwards and remain at this level.

The Conclusion

No one is able for just about any company to contend with Apple. Got Backup doesn’t directly contend with Apple iCloud, but offers advantages you don’t get with Apple just like an affiliate marketing program, with which you’ll make a great passive earnings. Also, it’s very difficult to use iCloud on PC and Adroid devices. There aren’t any such difficulties with Got Backup online file storage.
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